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3/21/13 10:33 A

I LOOOVE my sweets!!! But what I have done and it works for me is substitutions and measure, everything. For example, I have to have a sweet after dinner so I make 1/2 a cup of oatmeal with raisins or bananas, with Splenda and FF milk. Believe instead of having cookies I have this and drop a pound the first week. I just track it and make sure I dont go over my calories for the day. Also try the Skinny Cow they have chocolate bars and ice cream in smaller portions. This is all about portion control. Dont deny yourself a treat every once in a while! Hope this helps a little!!!

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
3/21/13 10:08 A

I too, have been addicted to the delicious junk my life...

I don't know why I never figured out how to truly eat healthy and balanced. I just LOVED cake and cookies and ice cream and candy. Chips too. I would have a huge piece of EVERYTHING.

For me, I HAD to go cold turkey. I cut sugar, even most hidden sugars. I have been since the first of March. The first week was rough. I allow myself two things with sugars. Low Sugar preserves and Peanut butter, but natural peanut butter. (I just don't like the no sugar added one yet.) In the entire month, I have had a PB&J one time. It almost made me fall off the wagon a bit. What I do right now, is just not really eat any processed food. Occasionally there is something, sure. But I am trying to eat just whole foods, as I noticed the last time I cut sugars, it wasn't enough. I ate so much processed food that my body wasn't used to healthy eating.

So, I eat whole foods now. I know that on easter I will enjoy my dinner and candy... but I also know that I will get up Monday morning and start kicking bootie and cut the sugars back out again and workout and eat healthy and feel good about it!!! I plan on allowing the sugars in on special occasions and in moderation only.

It is what works for me. If I could do what these other ladies could do, I would. But really, it would be just a slippery slope for me!!!

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
3/21/13 9:16 A

The one thing at a time really helped me because in my mind it was alll mentality thinking...

I thought.. I would DIE without my junk food and it was a cold harsh death.. I found myself holding on to the bad things more than ever and wanting them more LOLOL I was really, really bad.. Kinda like the hoarder kid who wanted to take the food and shove and hide them under my bed kind..

The one thing at at time wasn't so harsh to me, I was like I could do this! I even made a birthday cake last month for my step son, I had no urge to even lick the batter like I normally do LOL But one thing at a time.. yeah, bring it on!

I call my diet the 4,3,2,1

4 servings of veggies and fruits
3 servings of protient
2 servings of whole grains
1 serving of fats/oils

It seems to work pretty well :-))

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/21/13 9:08 A

I was like Cheri. My numbers came in badly. i also have the belief that God gave me a wonderful gift and i don't want to destroy it.

As for pop, I stopped cold turkey. Simply, I just stopped buying it. Slowly the cakes, cookies, and candy stayed on the shelves as well. I further continued by changing my lifestyle. Gone is the standard american diet. I hate the pyramid and i hate the new plate. I chose a plant based lifestyle. not for everyone I know, but it works well for me. I don't crave the refined sugar or refined flours. i don't even crave dairy.
Actually I have started to crave my green juice and green smoothies. I actually miss those when I don't eat them.
Start eating some fermented foods such as sauerkraut. It really helped me. I just make sure it says raw on the package. I get it near the eggs at Whole Foods.

3/21/13 9:06 A

You must be my long lost twin. I suffer with the junk food monster too. I cannot offer advice because I am not strong enough to fight the cravings yet.

I love the idea of 1 thing at a time. Cold turkey is harsh and cruel.

We can do this thing with the help of our friends!!

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
3/21/13 7:52 A

ooo you soo sound like me!! Not even funny..

It is not as hard as you believe it to be.. your body is addicted to the bad sugars and the bad processed foods.. Once you start on it and then a few months later try to go back your body will recognize it no longer being good for you.

For me, I wasn't able to quit cold turkey. Just remember it takes about 3weeks to break really bad habits and a few more weeks just to develop them. You will slip but its ok! Just know and recognize it and then stop. But I know if I can do it, so can you!

Choose ONE item at a time. I was not able to just quit them all. So choose pop even if it is diet. I limited myself to tea, water, milk. Most poeple have very bad city or well water, I would highly suggest buying a filtered Britta system, it will make a difference.

Then move on to chips or what not.. I have found a link which helped me a lot hope it will you too...

I have printed it out and kept it handy..

You can do this.. I Lost very quickly once I did this.. what is really fun now is that I can go into a store now and just walk in the bad isles and just shake my head and actually turn them down. you will get to that point too! Just one food at a time!

You can do it

CHERIJ16 Posts: 2,222
3/20/13 8:28 P

I was a lot like that until I came face to face with my diabetes and the risk of complications. I was in denial and thought I could eat anything but my blood sugar kept going up, my blood pressure went up, my triglycerides, my LDLs, my HDLs, and on and on.

I finally realized that no one was responsible for my health and longevity but me. This quote also hit home:
"If you don't take care of your body where will you live?"

emoticon emoticon

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3/20/13 8:11 P

I have been a junk food/diet coke junkie almost all my life. It started when I was 8, I'm 34 now, and it hasn't stopped. I have lost all control...I can't stop eating candy, cakes, name it! Where do I begin??? How do I stop???

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