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Also, try the running calculator at

Enter any 2 of speed, distance or time, and it will calculate the rest. You can then enter the calories manually into Spark.


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Check also your last weigh-in. If you typo'd a weigh in (eg 70 instead of 170) then it can produce really whacky results in your cardio calories burned! :)

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2/10/13 7:39 P

Thanks ill give it ago

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First you must determine your pace per km. If you ran 6 km in 45 minutes, you ran at a 7.5 minute per km pace. 45 minutes divided 6 Km equals 7.5 minute pre KM pace. You can then plug in running into your cardio tracker search box and select the min per km pace that is closest to your pace--I do not recommend the faster pace, but the slower one if you do not locate the precise pace per km. Then plug in your time and you should then receive the calorie burn based on this data.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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2/10/13 7:18 P

Im currently tracking my work out plan and when i place running/jogging for 6KM for 45 mins
It says im only burning 70 Calgories ? This doesnt seem right?
When i run on the Treadmil for 45mins at 6km it say over 300 at least.
Can anyone help me on what i have done wrong here?

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