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6/14/13 2:23 P

I track everything I eat or am going to eat early in the day. That way I know my budget that I have to stay within if I am going to add or substitute during the day. It works for me. Temptations have to be pretty fierce to get through that defense. It has been known to happen but not often enough to worry about.
I think if you build strong defenses into your program that work for you then you are less likely to spiral out of control . But if you do . Forgive yourself. Learn from it . Move on. Help someone else.

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6/14/13 11:21 A

Nirerin makes a good point. There are many ways to log what you eat. You can count servings of food or track in detail like SparkPeople does. Different people are going to like to track differently like they eat differently. Some people like a pre-determined menu that they follow. Others like to plan their own menus. Try a way of tracking that matches how you plan meals and if it doesn't work for you find another. Some people prefer paper and pencil.

If you cook using Eating Well's website, they have a free menu planner.

There are other free apps out there. I spent the $4 for SparkPeople's app. Not necessarily because it is the best app, but because it works with the website.
Two free apps I've heard people like are Loseit and My fitness pal.

This link is to the USDA'S website.

Good luck and keep tracking!

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6/14/13 8:09 A

when i notice that i am in that cookie monster phase [you know, the one where you shovel anything nearby in], i have a meal. in other words, instead of grabbing for that next serving/bag of chips, i make shrimp stir fry. something that is substantial and easy [i like the contessa shrimp stir fry with whole foods teriyaki sauce, so it's heat and eat] and that really helps. i learned this the day i can home, had a serving of pringles, was still hungry [not so much a big surprise there], had another, then decided to try half a serving of shrimp stir fry. the next day, when the same thing happened again, i decided to try skipping to the shrimp stir fry and was just as full -without the 400 cals of pringles. i know it sounds stupidly obvious, but if you eat a meal instead of mindlessly munching, you fill up easier and it's a little harder to mindlessly munch. so the minute you realize that you're shoveling junk in, put down what you are eating, go the the kitchen and make yourself something that might fill you up.
you could also find another way to keep track of what you are eating. think of the basic usda info. you're supposed to be getting 2-3 dairy, 2-3 protein, 3-5 fruits, 3-5 veg, and 6-11 grains. for when you are struggling to track, pick a few of those to really pay attention to [like the 2-3 protein, 3-5 fruits, and 3-5 vegetables]. you could do this on a post it any way you feel:
protein 1 2 3
vegetable 1 2 3 4 5
fruit 1 2 3 4 5
and cross off each serving as you get it in or your could do
and write in each serving as you get it in. because if you are focusing on getting what you need in, it leaves a little less room for the things that you don't want to be eating. also, when you are eating fruits and veggies, make sure you balance them out with fats and protein, even at snacks. because i've never really heard of anyone becoming full on celery. so you have the celery with peanut butter or cream cheese and raisins to make it a balanced snack that might actually do something for your hunger and satiety. heck, mix the celery up with some chicken or hardboiled egg, a little mustard, and some mayo or greek yogurt and you have a great base. you could add some baked turnips or potatoes. or you could add steamed broccoli or cauliflower. or you could add apples and walnuts.
as far as the workouts go, it's okay to miss one every now and then. it may just mean your body needs a little more rest than you are currently giving it. it may mean you need to find a method of exercise that you like a little more or that happens to be a little more convenient. if you notice it keep happening, try to figure out why and address it. is your gym too far away? walk or run at home, or do one of the workout videos on spark. are you sick of jumping jacks? try out a spin class, running, kickball team, tennis, anything else really. is it too hot to run in the evening? run in the morning. or perhaps even opt to march in place during either the commercials or the program when you watch tv. miss spending time with friends? organize a hiking trip and picnic or volleyball game or a trip to the local pool. figure out what it is that is making you balk and if you can't find a solution, ask on the boards here. and sometimes it just takes time. i started trying to run or jog consistently about five years ago. it's taken me to the past year to get to the point where even if i am tired, i'll throw on my running clothes and go in the morning. before it would be great for a week or two, i'd fall off the wagon for a few months, try again and so forth. and even though i am pretty consistently getting in three a week, i still skip sometimes. last month i took a week off because i was sick and this sunday i felt awful so i skipped again. the difference between now and then is that i want to get back to it and so when i skip i make an extra effort to get back to it. and it took time to get to that place. so don't beat yourself up if you can't be in that place after a month or two. it takes more time for some of us.

6/14/13 6:07 A

emoticon emoticon

i just try to think today is a new day gonna do better today !!!

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6/14/13 3:52 A

It doesn't mean giving everything up as there are time that you can't. Try not to do it every day and you will be ok.

You don't need to exercise every day unless you are doing a 10000 step monitoring. Then I find a long walk helps.
Have a day or two off and you will still see the lbs come off

Good luck

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6/14/13 2:09 A

When I'm having a bad day, or week, I track it. Sometimes knowing that I'm going to have to hold myself accountable for that fourth cookie and confront how many needless calories I'm consuming it is enough to make me stop. Sometimes it isn't.

BUT- I try to get back on track at the next meal, accept that you've slipped, but then carry on. One bad week isn't going to completely ruin your efforts so don't beat yourself up about it. Just pick yourself up and carry on- make the next meal healthy! emoticon

6/13/13 11:27 P

I go to my computer, or I pick up my ipad, I log into SP, and I track. Dragonchild asked if it was worth it to pay $3.99 for a healthy life. I ask, isn't it worth it to walk to a computer and do some typing to have a healthy life?

Nobody can complete this journey for you. Take control of your actions. Be strong and don't allow yourself to think of excuses not to get this done. You're strong. You can do this.

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6/13/13 5:57 P

Here's my question for you.

$4. How much is a latte at Starbucks? A couple of 20 oz bottles of Coke? A few donuts?

Isn't that worth your health?

The app used to be free, yes, but that turned out to be too much to maintain for free. They had to cover costs somehow. :) So they charge a nominal fee for the app, but it IS worth it. Most of us spend that much and more eating unhealthy things... skip some treats, and enjoy buying an app. Sometimes, free isn't better. :)

And in the end, if the app helps you track more consistently, it's worth any price. Isn't your health worth $3.99?

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6/13/13 5:17 P

I love numbers so I love to track what I eat on SP. I do it on a daily basis, even the weekends. I quit smoking 5 1/2 months ago and my motivation is to NOT gain any more weight than the 9 pounds I did and to lose them. I'm on target with the eating. I just need to motivate my butt to exercise. I'm working on that this weekend. I like to dance and I just purchased a Zumba program that will teach you the steps at a beginner's pace before advancing you into the full program. I am looking forward to starting it.

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6/13/13 4:57 P

I pretty much track my food first thing in the morning, but that's easy - I get to work a bit early and bring my lunch so 75% of my food is sitting in my stomach (breakfast) or the fridge. Even if I don't track my dinner at the end of the day, what I do track helps me stay focused and on track.

I'm like you, once i start going off track, things spiral really quickly. I've asked my husband to help me get to the gym in the evenings which is working - so long as we both stay motivated.

The other thing that seems to help is that I've signed up for a 5K next month so I have to get ready for it. I've set my sights on some other races further out and next year I'm planning a 1/2 marathon with a group of friends and I don't want to let them down by not being ready so that's a huge motivator. I don't want to be the only one who can't do the race.

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6/13/13 1:08 P

Everybody that's on this journey to be healthier goes through this, I definitely do. Sometimes you have to give yourself to loosen up the reins a bit, especially when there's a special occasion. The hardest part is getting right back on the horse the next day. Recently I felt myself starting to slip too and I put up a big board with all of my favorite quotes and pictures of people I love to remind me what's important. Here's the one I'm drawn to the most these days:

" Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." Thomas Edison

I've "given up" before, when one bad day turns into two and then a whole week and on and on. Give yourself a little goal for today...Maybe you just track everything today...that's a success. You are closer to success than you know!!! Now, get back on the horse :)

6/13/13 12:11 P

I understand how you feel, this happens to me too. I get myself over the hump by switching to eating at maintenance level until I can concentrate on loss again. This motivates me to track again and gives me some more calories to work with in a day. This way I can give myself I bit a wiggle room, but know that I can maintain my current weight. emoticon

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6/13/13 12:04 P

"What does everyone else do to track?"
I just track. I've learned that when I give myself leeway not to track, I also give myself leeway to eat too much, to eat junk instead of real food, and to skip workouts. Even if I decide to make terrible choices all day, I still have to track so I can see "today I made choices I don't want to make all the time - tomorrow will be better". Even if you don't track, your body keeps a perfect record - it's not like it "didn't happen" because it's not on paper.

And yeah, the app used to be free, but now it costs $4. I feel $4 is worth it to keep from having to turn on the computer every time I eat something, to log my exercise while I'm still at the gym, to decide if I still have enough calories left to take this cookie or not. Another option is to download the free Firefox browser - the actual site works SO much better on Firefox than the standard Droid browser (don't know about iPhone options).

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6/13/13 11:56 A

I think all you can do is move forward- don't regret the past, and "pick yoursel up, dust yourself off, and start all over again".

Just do it, to borrow a phrase from that shoe company.

Good luck!

6/13/13 8:39 A

I have not been very good at tracking over the past week (and feel like I am eating everything in sight), my motivation is sliding on tracking, as well as on my workouts (skipped one last weekend, and one last night)!!! What does everyone else do to track? I have heard the SP tracking app is free on smartphones, but it's wanting to charge me $3.99!!!! What is everyone's motivation for staying on track? I feel that I am falling off the wagon :(

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