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1/11/13 2:23 P

Have you checked My sister went there for advice before we went to WDW - she was over 275lbs at 5'4", most of it in her middle. She found great support from other "pooh-size" Disney travelers. If you register and ask specific questions about waist-size issues on rides, I'm sure you will get plenty of feedback.

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1/11/13 12:31 P

I was 220 pounds, 5'3" tall. Most of my weight is carried in my thighs and around my middle.
My family went to Valley Fair in Minnesota and I had that exact problem on one of the roller coasters. Embarrassment doesn't even begin to cover it. I was bummed that my brother who weighed even more but was a bit taller was able to get on the ride with no problem

I will never let this happen again.

1/11/13 10:27 A

I am excited, because I don't think I'll have problems BUT just like everyone else I've come across it seems we're all worried we will be the one that doesn't fit.

I'll probably just give a call to customer service and say I'm worried about my dad and give them my So sad.

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1/11/13 8:55 A

I feel for you! I lost 80 pounds and am back up 40. It's so frustrating to regain weight after working hard to get it off.

It sounds like the trip is planned and paid for. I say go and enjoy it! If you haven't found the information you need on the website, maybe you can call customer service. I know verbally voicing your concerns may not be fun but it could help you make your trip better once you're there.

1/11/13 1:33 A

Not sure if this is the place for this question, but I'll give it a shot. So I had been losing weight and was feeling great got down to 215 last April. I had gone to Disneyland in February and didn't give my weight a second thought to fitting on the rides. I was feeling good about my weightless progress. Well, apparently, I went mad and managed to gain 80 pounds in less than a year. Really?? !@#$!!!!

Anyway, we have a big Disney World vacation planned this February... kind of like a family reunion (of course), celebrating me finishing college finally, and for me losing weight (scratch that). I literally went from no worries on my last trip to now OMG will I fit on the rides, will I need a seat belt extender on the airplane, etc. It doesn't help I'm short at 5'4".

So I've found tons of info on Disney World being pretty accommodating for the bigger Disney guests as well as other travelers blogging about their personal experiences (almost always positive). The only problem is that people rarely put their waist size. I feel like I should be comforted by the fact that a 400 lb person fit on every ride (I'm 100 lbs less), but sometimes they are tall or they might carry their weight differently. If I see someone put they're 400 lbs and their waist is 50" I get really nervous. I measured my waist today, and I was 55.5 inches. Around my gut I was 64 inches!!! Obviously, I carry most of my weight in my stomach! Even when I was 219 my waist was 47 and gut 55 inches. If only I could just cut it off...ugh!!

I'm just irritated that I can't find any information on waist sizes or size restrictions on the rides at Disney. Didn't really feel like asking this on Yahoo Answers and being told I just shouldn't go, because I'm fat, or how could you let yourself go like that.

Hopefully, someone here can help. Sorry to rant...didn't mean for that to happen!!


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