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try not to be so hard on yourself emoticon i saw your tracker in your signature and reguardless of how you think you're doing now, take a look at the big picture. look at how far you've come emoticon we all fall off the wagon and get off track. ive done it plenty of times trust me. emoticon there is nothing wrong with you bc we all mess up, even the people you see around on the site who you would think NEVER mess up...they do.some are too ashamed to admit it, some flat out announce it on their sparkpage, some people get all worked up over having a cookie....or 20 cookies! or if theyve not been workin on their healthy lifestyle for a week.. or a month, or even a year. either way no matter what, its fixable. i always try to live by this .. you haven't failed until you've stopped trying. and here you are trying to fix the problem emoticon so that tells me you havent given up and you definitely havent failed emoticon i also like the saying 'never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.' that kinda also explains to never give up. we all worry about weather or not well be able to achieve what we want to, but don't let that stop you from trying at all. sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. were very critical on ourselves and expect us to be perfect at EVERYTHING. and we just cant be. were human, not perfect. try not to aim for perfect, just aim for doing your best and to EXPECT that there will be times where we slip up. think of this whole thing as a game. you against yourself. when your thinking of something that is not good for you that you want birthday cake..or going out for ice cream, or out to get some fast food or deciding your too tired and stressed to work out...hear that other little voice in your head saying wait a minute, none of that is good for me! im not going to just sit here and do nothing..besides, if your stressed, working out will help relieve some of that so being too stressed to work out is not a good enough excuse emoticon you are not alone tho. a lot of people struggle with losing weight and keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. it is a constant struggle! there is always someone out there that has it worse than ourselves. some people struggle just getting out of bed, or walking to their mailbox.. literally! and i agree i always want to eat too! but try to control that somehow. stay focused. pick out foods that are good for you and fill you up real good. usually foods rich in fiber. like cereal or oatmeal, that kind of stuff for breakfast. drink lots of water, water is pretty filling if you drink enough of it. i find fruits to be pretty filling too like apples and cantelope, but its different for everyone. and dont worry about asking for help emoticon thats the main point for the message boards and that one of the things sparpeople is all about. motivating, helping and encouraging other members emoticon never feel bad about asking for help, we all need it sometimes emoticon
good luck!!!!!

11/29/11 4:17 P

I'd say you need to figure out why you're eating is a little out of control - could it be emotional? boredom? anxiety? anger? fear? figuring out why you do what you do when you do it is the first step in changing the behavior.

SEcond, if you have a desk job, there are 10 minute videos here on Spark that Coach Nicole put together - workouts you can do at your desk with just your body, your desk, and your desk chair as equipment. You can squeeze these workouts in on breaks and at lunch. As for the weather, you can get creative and set up a circuit-style workout in your living room, or wherever you have enough space to lie down on the floor. Jumping jacks, burpees, push-ups, lunges, squats, planks, running in place - you can construct your own workout inside when the weather doesn't cooperate.

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11/29/11 2:58 P

Hello Everyone
It seems I am always asking for help ...I havent logged for awhile because I was doing so well and thought I didnt need to anymore boy was I wrong...I am up to 129 now and feeling eating for the most part has been good except for the last 2 weeks I dont know what is wrong with me ...I always want to eat ...not pregnant for working out geez going from a workout geek to a walking 3x a week for 30 min if I do that all depends on the weather ...I cannot get up earlier than I do anymore to work out ...and I only have my lunch hour to get in 30 min but it is getting cold and raining all day today ......not sure what my problem is ....I mean I do suffer from costo condritis and that will stop me in my tracks for a good month sometimes ...PLS HELP........I sit at my desk all day as is my job ...what can I do ...

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