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12/25/12 10:47 P

mm you just made me crave soup haha

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,216
12/24/12 6:20 A

Some soups help you feel more satiated, make you eat less, avoid blood sugar and insulin spikes, target belly fat & burn more fat. Try Beef Barley, Lentil soup, Black Bean Soup, tomato soup, minestone...

...and Manhattan Clam Chowder is actually good for you and your diet because it helps blood pressure and helps regulate blood sugar levels so if you’re avoiding red meat, get some of your protein from clams.

Enjoy that soup!

HERA2012 Posts: 43
12/17/12 2:14 P

Explaining it did the trick and I am eating my own lunch, thanks:)


HERA2012 Posts: 43
12/17/12 2:02 P

I should add this soup is not healthy it is cream based and If that's all I eat for lunch including snacks its all i could have. Its over 500 cals. I am a over-eater so I will eat the whole thing.


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12/17/12 1:56 P

Hi, Hera ! Why can't you have a small cup or bowl of soup with your sprout salad ? Are you eating enough at breakfast ? One reason you might be hungry now is because you didn't eat enough at breakfast. Eating too little in the morning can cause us to feel ravenous later.

There really is no reason you can't have some soup with your lunch. Soups can be extremely healthy. Okay, some can be high calorie too. So, you might want to opt for a small cup or bowl of minestrone (vegetable soup) instead of say clam chowdah or bisque.

Good health and weight loss aren't about self control or will power. A person has to eat in order to lose weight. Eating too little can hinder a person's loss, not help it. So, do make sure you're eating enough during the day so that you don't feel hungry later. it's okay to have snacks too.

You're not a bad person or an unhealthy one if you'd like some soup with your salad.

HERA2012 Posts: 43
12/17/12 1:25 P

I have a lovely sprout salad and tofu pineapple dish I LOVE waiting for me for lunch but I want to buy soup which is not as good. I’m even having a Greek yogurt with it that’s super good and has the fat I crave but healthy. It’s like I want to be a consumer and overeat at the same time. And I know it’s a habit and I am probably craving the ease and fat but I know my lunch will not hurt my stomach and will lead me to my goals. This is like what quitting smoking is like:(


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