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5/23/13 11:38 P


SUNSHINE99999 Posts: 16,283
5/23/13 10:25 P

been there too so take it a day at a time and get back at it and all will be well again. emoticon emoticon

ETHELMERZ SparkPoints: (229,354)
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5/23/13 9:42 P

Quit saying you were "bad" for a week, you are not a kid harming someone or hurting someone. You ate what you really wanted, now it's just back to your normal, healthier eating again, tell yourself it's of your life stuff. Dig it!

MLAN613 Posts: 17,549
5/23/13 8:22 A

Welcome to real life living! I trust you had a lot of fun on vacation. emoticon

Now that you're home, you can hop back on to being more conscious of what you eat.

ASHLEYGILLE SparkPoints: (12,744)
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5/22/13 7:06 P

We've all been there. Don't beat yourself up. You had a great time! Now it's time to get back on track! Tomorrow is a new day! Time to refocus! Once you get a couple of "good" days under your belt, you'll be golden. Best of luck to you!! xo

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5/22/13 7:02 P


Did you enjoy your vacation ? If so, don't worry. One over indulgent meal or even one week of less than healthy eating habits WILL NOT make or break your healthy lifestyle. People on "diets" fret that they ate too much while on vacation. Someone engaged in a healthy lifestyle understands that there will be times they eat more than others and that doesn't make them a bad person or an unhealthy one.

What would a does someone with a healthy lifestyle do when they eat too much ? They merely go back to their normal eating habits when they get back from vacation. It's one week. You really didn't hurt your efforts at good health or weight loss.

This week, you try to eat more mindfully. No guilt. People on diets experience guilt. don't associate food with guilt. It takes time, but you will learn to be more mindful.

Remember, be kind to yourself as you would to others. Don't worry, everything will be okay.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/22/13 5:59 P

Last week is over. Put it behind you. You can't undo any choices you made, but you CAN make different choices TODAY.

If you figure you went way overboard and possibly gained weight during vacation - don't weigh yourself just yet... seeing a gain is only going to be discouraging. Give it a week at least before you step on the scale, to give yourself time to shed any water you may be retaining (happens due to excessive sodium and/or alcohol consumption, which is pretty likely to happen on a "vacation diet") and get your eating habits back on track.

Don't bring your "vacation eating habits" home with you - that's NOT the kind of souvenir you want!

I recently returned home from vacation myself, and the first thing I noticed that was bound to work against me was the lack of food in my house. Of course there was no fresh-anything in the fridge, I used it all up before going away.... and now there I was home, with nothing suitable to cook! My still-holidaying-instincts told me "well let's just go out for dinner" and then of course the next morning, it was "hmm well let's just go out for breakfast" - HOLD ON A MINUTE! I got a grip and made immediate-grocery-shopping my first priority. That helped a TON to put me back in my groove.

DANYLEIN SparkPoints: (82,725)
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5/22/13 5:44 P

I need some encouraging words...I was bad for a week and need to get back on track...
I've been doing so well until last week. Any advice?

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