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7/12/14 11:34 A

Thank you so much! I also am concerned about the same thing but I guess I have no other options there. I will check it out! :-)

7/12/14 10:19 A

I really can't comment on how knowledgeable/helpful the dietitian is. But if it took 2 1/2 years to get an appointment and you don't have follow up until October---that is a concern.

Regarding IBS, this is one of the most helpful books that I know of. You can check your local library to see is they have it or order it yourself (very reasonably priced).

"IBS Relief: A Complete Approach to Managing IBS. A doctor, dietitian and psychologist provide the latest information you need. " Make sure you get the second edition which came out in 2009. If you have IBS---this book will be a wonderful help.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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7/12/14 9:54 A

Yes, I saw her on Wed and she gave me a print out of things to avoid such as fried foods and MSG but nothing else really. All she said was to take things out of my diet and see if I get a stomach ache but nothing else. My next appointment isn't until October so I do t want to go back with nothing figured out. She didn't tell me about the FODMAP but after some of my own online research I found it. So would you recommend I write absolutely everything I eat and at what time etc? She wasn't very specific about info in regards to being an expert in IBS treatment. Even my Dr isn't sure it's IBS but she wants to treat my issues as such in order to see if we can figure out what is causing this. I had to wait 2.5 years to get in to see her so I took that as a sign she was good. She is located in our hospital and works with all the ex eating disorder and morbidly obese people. Basically she says we need to figure out what foods are at the root of my problem before she can come up with a proper meal plan. She told me to avoid vegetables and fruit unless I can remove the skin. She said to take one thing out at a time and read it in 3 days. That's about all she said.

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So you saw a "Registered Dietitian" and this health professional didn't talk to you about "how" to identify your triggers.
This is very unusual.
Usually, you would be asked to keep very accurate food records with food amounts and the time of eating. You would also indicate when you experienced signs and symptoms. You would keep this for about 2 weeks and take the information to your next appointment. This helps to determine connections.

Did the dietitian say anything abut the FODMAP diet. This has been very helpful with IBS?

Most Registered Dietitian who work with clients with IBS are familiar with this approach.
Are you sure you saw a Registered Dietitian and does this person have experience with IBS dietary treatment???

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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7/12/14 9:45 A


My advice would be, call your dietitian back and ask for guidance on how to start finding your triggers.

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7/11/14 9:19 P

I think this is best answered by Dietician Becky. She's the Registered Dietician here and comes on often.

If, for some reason, she does not see it again, but with the title "Help Dietician Becky".

She is the most qualified here to answer this correctly.

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7/11/14 9:05 P

I recently saw a dietitian for the first time and after explaining my chronic stomach aches for 10+ years she wants me to start following the diet of IBS sufferers as she thinks that's what I might have. Before she is able to work on a meal plan for me to lose weight she needs me to try to figure out my triggers. I need help where to even start. I read that some say to not eat veggies and brown bread etc while another site says to do the opposite. Any tips on where to start?

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