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11/15/11 8:25 P

Hi, I think the problem hits about 3pm. I have breakfast at 7, lunch at 1 then by between 3 and 4 I'm so tired, I eat to stay awake. Then by about 6 pm I'm wide awake again and stay up late. I have children, and I work, but I do eat well, though salads leave me starving hungry most of the time. Any suggestions as how to overcome this would be much appreciated,

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11/15/11 9:52 A


Why do you need to stay up ? Are you studying for a test ? I know when I was in school, I kept pretty awful hours. Are you a new parent ? I have yet to meet a parent of a new born who wasn't chronically sleep deprived. Are you under stress at work ? home ? relationship ?

Some times the time change can cause sleep disruptions. Whenever I have a problem trying to sleep, I have a nice cup of herbal tea. You may find that tea can help you relax and sleep better too.

Mostly, if you do have external stresses that are keeping you from getting a decent night's sleep, you have to address those stresses.

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11/15/11 8:46 A


What is causing your sleep issues?

Coach Nancy

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11/15/11 6:33 A

Hi! I can relate. I wake up 3am work til 330 pm. have two young kids (1 and 3 yrs old) basically no sleep. It's ok to fall of the wagon once in a while but the good thing you did is you came back to your SP family. We are here to benefit and Help each other. we all have something in common. looking at your tracker you did awesome and you should be proud of yourself. I actually woke up today and seen that I gained a pound and was very upset. Then I said I'm doing what I can sometimes it happens. then I saw a track of my weight at my locker at work and saw that wow I lost over 20lbs and that needs a lot of determination and got me motivated. Keep hanging in there. Think of it as a cloudy day and the sun will shine again.

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11/15/11 4:53 A

Hi guys, finding it hard to stay motivated....cant get enough sleep so I'm eating to keep awake, whatcan i do? Not a coffee drinker normally, but will have one if exhausted...

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