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First and foremost: You can't target parts of your body for fat reduction. You won't be able to target where you lose. So doing ab and arm exercises to reduce fat there won't work!

Additionally, "bulking up" on top won't happen... I assume you are female? You'll want to check out this article which debunks popular strength training myths:

Before you start any new exercise program, especially with an injury, you need to check with your doc. :) It's hard to work the body in isolation!

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Fell while walking and hurt my knee. It's in a brace and I'm currently avoiding using it too heavily to see if it will heal without surgery. This derailed my normal cardio routines. I like dance aerobics and walk for fitness with Leslie Sansone. But those seem out to me now. I don't like the idea of hitting the gym and just bulking up on top. I feel it would ruin the chance to get the symetrical and beautiful body I want. One thing I am curious about is Pilates but don't know much about it. I hear it works the butt, back, and abs alot and is generally aerobic in nature. How hard would it be to put a pilates workout together that would tone arms, shred abs, and improve a back and rear without a ton of knee straining exersizes like squats? Could someone put together a workout or know of an exercise video that avoids such?

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