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5/11/13 3:43 P

'Bat wings' are normally flappy skin anyway, rather than fat. Fat doesn't really so much dangle.

Either way, whether it's fat or skin you're trying to reduce in that area, targetting the triceps will not do that.

A general healthy diet of an appropriate number of calories with a general whole body fitness routine will lose fat. Time and surgery will shrink skin. Exercise doesn't do either.

5/10/13 6:19 P

Unless you're trying to make that area bigger, don't worry about targeting it. If you're trying to shrink it, realize that it's not possible to target fat loss. This explains more -
Basically try to forget where the fat is and follow a normal, full-body program. Most good programs don't include many targeted tricep exercises, because they're a small muscle and don't burn many calories, and they get worked on most chest exercises.

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5/10/13 4:59 P

I need an exercise for the bat wing part of my arms. I feel like no matter what I do I can't feel that muscle working. Also what is that muscle called?

Never mind I found what I was looking for. The 10 min upper arm video is good for the triceps.

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