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8/12/10 4:22 P

DREAVG is right about down facing dog. My mistake. Don't use your fists for DFD. You can use them for plank where your fists are under your shoulders.

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8/12/10 4:13 P


I suggest that you go to class a bit early and speak with your instructor. In the mean time, just a few tips. First, make sure your middle finger is pointing forword. Make sure youre fingers are spread wide. Think about the point where your first finger and thumb would meet in your palm and push that into the mat. Make sure the center of your wrists, shoulder and elbows are aligned. At class, ask your instructor if she has a Yoga foam wedge. It will raise your wrists higher than your fingers, alleviating your pain. If not, you can purchase one online. Do NOT use a towel or a folded mat for this. The support needs to hold the weight of your body without sinking because that sinking can create other injuries. You should not use fists in Down Dog, you can whenever your wrists are directly under your shoulders.

I hope that helps,

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8/12/10 3:53 P

Great tips Archimedes. Another tip would be to try adding a second mat folded into thirds or fourths and placing your wrists on the folded mat, fingertips on the lower one (so your wrists are now higher than your fingers). This helps eliminate the pressure on your nerves, and is not difficult to assimilate in a yoga routine.

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8/12/10 3:52 P

Thanks, you so much. It is the palm of my hands that hurt. Not at first but the further into the class we go, they start to hurt. I will try the double mat idea, I think I may need more cushioning.

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Is it the palms of your hands that are hurting ? Your fingers ? or maybe your wrists ?

If your feeling pain on your wrists during down facing dog (not unusual in some people), try making fist. Your instructor can show you how to do a down facing dog with fists. It's difficult to describe in writing.

If you feel pain on your palms, don't think about using your palms. Use your fingers to push your hips back and up. Don't push your palms into the mat. If you are, that could be your problem.

Without seeing what you're doing, I'm just taking a few educated guesses as to what's happening. Were you having problems with your hands prior to doing yoga ? If not, then let's have the instructor watch you for form. If your form is off even a fraction, you could feel discomfort.

Another problem could be your mat. Maybe you need two mats doubled up for padding instead of one. For some poses I need two mats for my knees.

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8/12/10 3:25 P

I have taken a couple of yoga classes for the first time in the past few weeks. Each time as the class progresses my hands begin to hurt really bad whenever we do anything on the mat(i.e. downward dog). I find I enjoy yoga so I don't want to stop doing it. But I'm getting a little frustrated since towards the last half if the class I find myself not doing anything that will cause me to use my hands for support.

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