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8/7/13 12:36 P

I would hazard a guess and say that 99.9% of us have slipped and fallen off track. Myself included. Part of it was making the mistake of looking for my inspiration and motivation from outside sources and NOT from me. When I realized that, I also realized that first off, I couldn't control therefore I couldn't depend on external factors to get me where I wanted to be. Secondly, I wasn't fully committing to myself if what I did was dependent on what my friend did.. And last but not least, that garbage thinking had to change. Did I have to fall off the wagon just because my friend did and I didn't want to be all lonely and alone in my efforts? Uhm.... should have been an easy no brainer kind of answer but I had the wrong one. Falling off the wagon gave me a chance to re-evaluate my motivation and I found it lacking in all the right ways.

When I recommitted to losing several weeks ago, I made the choice to not give up on myself at the same time. It wasn't about doing this for others or having others show me the way. I had to do this for myself and so I had to be my own tour guide on my journey. When I made that decision, I discovered so much stress and worry was lifted off. No longer did I have to wonder if my friend was doing what we told each other we would do. Being selfish that way was liberating. I gave myself permission to succeed on my own. And I redirected the energy that had been tied up in external worries towards positive changes for me.

I'm not saying I don't have support and encouragement from my loved ones. I do. But I know I am the one who has to do this for me and so, that is what I do. When I decided to go it alone on this journey (without a face to face diet buddy to compare recipes, food plans or work outs with or someone to hold my hand through the whole getting healthy process) I empowered myself. Was it scary or intimidating? Not really, It was just different. I'd still be doing things I knew I had to do. Deciding I had what it took inside me freed me from being dependent on someone else's sense of discipline.

Best part is, I get to take all the credit for my own hard work. There's no one saying, "If I didn't do this you wouldn't have done it". All the sweet credit for success is mine Mine MINE! I'm selfish enough to love that!

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I'm there with you! I started last October, and worked out 5 times a week until June. Then 1 week of vacation followed by surgery to have my gall bladder removed, and I can't get back into my routine. I have only been to the gym twice since then, and it's been 7 weeks. I've walked outside a few times but I just can't seem to get myself going in the morning so I can get my workout in. I'm trying all of the positive things - tell myself how far i've come, tell myself it's only 10 more pounds, tell myself that it's good for me, and i know it will make me feel good, on and on...i just can't seem to get up and go!! I've found though, that for the most part I'm keeping my eating in check, and I know eventually I will get back to it, but for now, I'm working on just maintaining this weight loss and trying to get myself pumped up to get back to it!

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8/6/13 7:13 P

Regain your motivation by thinking about why you started, how far you've come, and how good you feel about it. Then recommit to you because you're worth it.

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8/6/13 6:45 P

Hello RachKWPD,

emoticon How about starting off with setting a timer for ten minutes and just do that much or take a walk around the block or dance to one song and then build on that. Sometimes I have taken up energy with the same dread-a-head mentality. Usually it is far easier to just do the dread-a-head task and clear it from your worries. It can also help to start a streak and be proud of consecutive days building up....making it less tempting to break that streak.
I wish you success!

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8/6/13 4:57 P

Sometimes seems to be related to whether I've gotten to bed at reasonable hour or regular time can take motivation away from me!

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8/6/13 4:44 P

We all have slip-ups here and there. Giving up isn't an option because this is a lifestyle change, not a "I'm going to lose weight then go back to eating junk food again."

Fall down seven times, get up eight - right?

What is your absolute favorite physical thing to do? Now go do that. Whether it's dancing, walking, spinning, swimming, or yoga ... just get out there and do it. You'll feel so much better when you're done!

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8/6/13 4:22 P

Don't Give Up! You've come SOOOO far. Don't let this little setback throw you off the rails! Just give yourself a little pep talk and go for a 10-minute walk. Breathe deeply, and remember how your life used to be, and how you want it to be.

Each tiny step forward is still a step forward. Take 2 small steps forward, and start fresh!

Forget about your slip-up and don't beat yourself up about it. If going to the gym gives you a sense of dread - DON'T GO to the gym - DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT, even if just for a few days... once you feel like you're back on track, ease yourself back into the gym - you'll remember that good feeling of accomplishment and you'll be smiling!


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8/6/13 2:59 P

I started my healthy lifestyle approx 5 months ago. About 4 weeks ago, I slipped. I was working out and was on a strict schedule, food wise and workout wise. I found my exercise partner was canceling on me more often than not. I have now had McDonalds, pasta and loads of sweets. I have all but stopped exercising. After losing nearly 55lbs, I do not want to go back to my old lifestyle. Does anyone, or has anyone, had that dreaded and I mean absolute would ratherr be hit by a train, type of dread, when getting back to working out? I am really scared here that I am never going to get the rest of this weight off and I am finding that my intentions are good to start off my day, but end in nothing when it's time to hit the gym.

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