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6/3/13 7:27 P

been eating about 1800-2000 for the last 2 weeks, before that it was from 2000-2200... also my protein intake avgs 150-200 a day... i'm trying to get more protein in but eating has been a workout in itself lately

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6/3/13 7:03 P

What's your calorie range, and your actual daily protein intake per day? Have you updated your goals here recently?

Sparkpeople doesn't update your goals automatically as you lose weight. They recommend saving your goal data every 10-15 lbs. You may be eating too much if you haven't changed your program in 60 lbs. :)

Also: Holy COW you're making good progress. Just be aware that your loss WILL slow down the less you have to lose. You're still in the 2 lbs a week range right now, but you won't be losing as fast as you did in the early days.

6/3/13 6:53 P

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IKANG82 Posts: 6
6/3/13 6:04 P

FYI... this is my typical food through out the day

Breakfast: 2-3 egg whites, low calorie turkey bacon or sausage (1 or 2 of either), low calorie whole wheat toast or whole wheat tortilla

Snack: Protein Shake w/ fruit(not always)

Lunch: Protein (fish, steak or pork) w/ Veggies(brocolli, green peppers, onions, asaparagus and/or carrots)

Lunch 2: Protein w/ veggies

Dinner: if after workout Protein Shake with fruit
if not, Protein with veggies

Snack 2: if hungry, protein shake

IKANG82 Posts: 6
6/3/13 5:53 P

Hello everyone... let me give you guys a quick background.. In early January, I weighted 310lbs at 5'10" and 30 years old. As of date, I weight 251ish, thus I have lost nearly 60 lbs. My goal is to get to close to 200lbs as possible before the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays arrive. My short term goal was to get close to 235 lbs before I leave for my vacation to San Diego on June 19th... I have been eating a good amount of protein and a fair share of carbs (mostly veggies/fruits). I have been averaging like 35-55% protein, 40-60% carbs, 10-25% fat, I am getting a little frustrated because my weight loss is going slower than i anticipated and i am sure i am still above 30% body fat. I am thinking of doing a short term low carb diet to change it up. Is that a good idea or no? Any suggestions? Quick note, I have changed my workout but seem little success with it.

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