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1/4/13 11:03 A

You know what your body is feeling as well as what your health conditions mandate for you.
Whether she means well (or not) doesn't matter; don't risk your health or further injury.

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1/4/13 11:01 A

EOWYN, if the surgery is going to help you exercise easier, it might be best to postpone exercising until the surgery happens. Exercise should burn, but not cause extreme pain. Perhaps focus on your nutrition to help tackle the weight?

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From other threads you've posted, I've learned that your family and some friends seem to be highly critical of your weight even though your weight really is in a healthy weight range for your height.

That "no pain, no gain" myth is just that, a myth. it's one thing to push our bodies and challenge them. However, you don't want to challenge yourself when you're in physical pain. that puts you at a high risk for injury and it's not healthy to work out when you are hurting. You shouldn't be suffering. If you are, then you shouldn't exercise.

You are not fat even though people have been making critical comments. Don't let them get to you. You are not getting fat because you haven't been able to do your pilates. Any gain you're experiencing is probably nothing more than a temporary water weight gain.

When a person retains water, they also experience some bloating. Try not to worry, you know you're not fat. You're just retaining water. this WILL pass in a few days.

PS - I think you should call your doctor and ask them whether or not they think it's okay for you to exercise with the pain you're experiencing. You may want to hold off exercising until you have your surgery.

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1/4/13 9:01 A

I used to do a lot of Mat Pilates and low-impact aerobics before the problems started. Then I started getting joint pains, in short, bone disease. Y'see, I'm a dialysis patient and I'm supposed to be on a low-protein, low-phosphate, low-potassium, low-sodium and low-fluid diet. In short, I need to be very careful about what and how much I eat and especially drink.

Now, even getting in and out of the car hurts, even rising from my mattress hurts too. I still walk sometimes, but it's hard to walk outdoors now because it rains without warning anytime in Malaysia at this time of year. So, I stopped my Pilates because it hurts too much to rise from lying position.

My clothes still fit but I've noticed that my belly is getting bigger. Lot's of people have commented that I'm getting fatter but I think it's just my body fat composition getting higher. My waist is virtually the same, otherwise I couldn't get into my jeans. My pooch is just getting more obvious now. I look like I'm 3 months pregnant!

A friend of mine has advised me to push through the pain and just start up my Pilates and aerobics again. I'm not being lazy when I say that I can't, it hurts too much! All I can do now is wait for my parathyroid surgery to normalize my phosphate and calcium levels. Then I can exercise like I did before. But my friend doesn't believe me, she's urging me to just grit my teeth and start exercising again, like I did before.

What do you think?

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