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1/16/13 7:43 P

It could be that you are walking too fast on the treadmill. I used to try to walk 60 minutes at 4.0 mph, and my knees would really ache afterwards. I backed down to 3.5 mph and my knee pain went away.

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1/16/13 3:58 P

maybe its not just potassium but salt u need....i dont know how much salt is in your diet but if its low it can cause u take a day off the exercising to give you muscles enough time to recover and get stronger

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1/16/13 12:37 P

Here's a reference guide for potassium, which includes good sources to get that from:
. If you aren't tracking that nutrient to see where you are with that, you may want to ad that to your nutrition tracker. This page tells you how to add other nutrients to your tracker:

Coach Denise

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1/16/13 12:15 P

I do have good walking shoes. And I kinda built myself up to walking 60 minutes a day. I have only been doing this for 2 maybe 3 weeks. but I started off slow. Like I couldn't even walk 15 minutes at 2.5mph the first few times I got on the treadmill. I got over that hump and each day I increased my speed and minutes. I didn't just decide ok I'm going to walk on the treadmill for 60 minutes on my first day of exercise. Some others have told me that I need potassium. I no it comes from bananas. Is that the only good source?

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1/16/13 12:11 P

I do drink lots of water. When I do my 60 minutes its usually around 7pm being that I am busy during the day, and I walk all 60 minutes right then. My legs start hurting about 15 minutes into my workout and makes it so unbearable to finish. Lastnight I only got in 30 minutes I could not take the pain.

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1/16/13 11:06 A

I've been using my treadmill for over a year now and my knee has been hurting helped me by backing off a little and buying a new pair of ya coach Denise...oh yeah.. I do eat a banana since I do my treadmill before breakfast

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1/16/13 8:13 A

Along with what others have said, do you have proper fitting shoes for walking? If not, that can cause some issues. Also, did you jump right into walking for an hour each time? If so, it would be a good idea to either break those 60 minutes and do maybe 20 minutes at a time 3 times a week or two 30 minute sessions until you work your way up to being able to walk on there for a full 60 minutes. Your body does need time to get accustomed to doing that activity for such a long period of time.

Coach Denise

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1/16/13 5:49 A

You may be drinking more water, but it may not be enough for the new exercise.

Make sure you do 2 things before you exercise, warm up, and Stretch before and stretch after.

Also, you may be a little low in Potassium or calcium. I would get horrible charley horse leg cramps when I was pregnant, I ate more calcium and potassium, and it helped.

Try some low fat yogurt and a banana or Orange. Or some skim milk with cereal and a banana.
Best wishes!

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1/15/13 11:33 P

Did you get your doctor's ok before beginning? Good luck and God bless you.

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1/15/13 11:31 P

Staying hydrated is important. I'm concerned that you're walking 60 minutes right away. It's awesome that you have made the committment to walk 60 minutes on the treadmill. How long into your workout do your legs start to cramp?

TRACYLYNN853 Posts: 490
1/15/13 8:56 P

I have been walking on my Treadmill for about 2 weeks now. I knew when I started I would cramp and hurt, being it was all new to my body. It's been 2 weeks now and it feels like my legs/calve muscles are cramping worse. I can't even get in my 60 minutes because of the pain. What do I need to do. I thought it would get better not worse!

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