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5/6/13 11:36 A

Without being able to see your nutrition and fitness trackers, we can only take your word for it. Your complaints are typical of someone who needs to consume more calories, needs to repair after childbirth, and has reached a healthy weight...and their body is trying to keep from being damaged by additional weight loss.

Again, you should speak with your doctor about this.

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I am not starving myself, I eat A LOT lol! I eat eggs, a bagel and fruit for bfast, snack on apple or Greek yogurt, lunch I make turkey sandwich or salad, I snack again, and dinner is always different but usually chicken with veggies and Brown rice. Sometimes a late night snack ill have an apple.

5/6/13 11:32 A

After having a baby, your body needs to heal and focus on consuming nutrients. It does not need a restricted diet or ab workouts.

You have hit a "plateau," because you are at a healthy weight and your body knows it. Your body is trying to save you from doing damage to yourself. Becoming a mother changes your physiology. That's part of life. Your stomach may never be flat again. There is nothing shameful about that.'s part of life.

As was said before, talk to your doctor. You need to get a professional opinion about your concerns.

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You stopped losing weight because your body is trying to stop you from killing yourself!

Ten pounds in a month is MUCH too fast for someone who isn't obese. Please go to your doctor and tell him/her what you've been doing. You need to be checked for gall bladder and kidney function. You may not realize it, but you have been doing the same things an anorexic does. Walking four miles a day isn't that much, so your "strict diet" has to have been actually a starvation diet. You've been losing muscle, bone, and possibly organ tissue instead of that belly fat.

Again, please see your doctor ASAP, and get a referral to a Registered Dietitian who can help you design a program that will help you lose fat instead of vital tissue and also help you undo any damage you might have done by starvation.

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So I'm not overweight, but I am trying to get rid of my post baby belly fat! I have been on a strict diet for about a month. I walk about 2 miles everyday (sometimes twice) and I do an ab workout once a day. I lost almost 10 lbs and I'm at 125.5 now. Well the past week I stopped losing weight and I have really low energy!! What can I eat to boost my energy and stop my fatigue? Also why have I stopped losing weight? I haven't changed my diet at all! TIA!

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