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10/11/12 5:08 A

Thrifty girl here. I'd invest in some of these healthier foods that fill you up:

canned tuna
rye or whole wheat flour (make your own crackers for snacks)
dried beans
oats (old fashioned)
cheapest frozen veggies
olive oil (worth the expense)
bags of rice
ramen (not healthy but very cheap and high-fat content fills you up)

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10/11/12 12:38 A

As has been mentioned, keeping an eye on, and increasing where necessary, your healthy fats, fibre and protein helps a lot, but I must mention, IF it is merely finances that have caused you to go vegetarian, then really you don't NEED to be one. I live off the smell of an oily rag and eat meat - I just don't eat much. As an example, I bulk cook my casseroles/soups, etc., and where it comes to those, I will put in 3-4 chicken DRUMSTICKS (skin removed) and about a cup of red lentils, along with diced onions, celery, carrots, etc. Those 3-4 drumsticks can make the 'meat portion' for EIGHT single-serve meals. Lean Mince (ground beef) I add lentils and red kidney beans along with canned tomatoes (generally cheaper than fresh) and some onions, celery capsicum, garlic and Tomato Paste, and often shredded cabbage. 1 tablespoon of meat is all that is in that 'meat serve' but the protein is there and so too is the fibre. I only normally buy the meats that are on a good special, and bulk buy so I can bulk cook and save money with power and my total prep time.

I find that when I eat meat, I stay fuller for longer than if I get my protein from other sources. Perhaps you are the same. I also eat a very high fibre diet - minimum of 42g daily! On the odd occasion I treat myself to a small Sirloin Steak, piece of fish or a whole chicken drumstick when finances allow.

Sometimes it just takes a bit of playing around with your diet to find what works best for you. Just make sure that you keep notes of how you felt with various meal types so then you can totally move forward in a positive way.

Good luck,

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Adding fiber, healthy fats and protein at every meal/snack may help keep you fuller longer. Because they take longer for your body to digest, they tend to keep you full.

Coach Nancy

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10/10/12 9:06 P

I was vegetarian for about a year. It can be easy to gain weight on a vegetarian diet especially if you are still eating dairy and lots of carbs. Instead of eating more vegetables and fruit I went for the cheese and bread. If you are feeling hungry more often it is probably because you aren't getting enough protein and fiber in your new diet. Try to include black beans, oatmeal, almonds, low fat cottage cheese just a few suggestions that keep you fuller longer. I would recommend a daily multivitamin as well.
Hope some of this helps! Good Luck!

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10/10/12 8:46 P

I recently started cooking for myself, and have gone vegetarian to cut costs. However the past two weeks have been REALLY bad. I often eat twice as much as I should simply because I am hungry all the time. And I always go buy junk food because its the most filling for a little while anyway.

How do I stay full so that I don't overload on junk food?

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