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12/1/11 8:13 P

I saw a study that said the average machine was off by 19%, so I simply deduct 20% from whatever the machine says I burned. I know it might not be perfectly accurate but I believe it's a good guess.

Stats: Female, 5'4", 28 years old.

Goal: From 152 (07/24/2011) to 125 by December, 2011. DONE! December 4th weighed in at 124. In 2012 I've been maintaining around 122, which is a thirty pound loss. My BMI has gone from 26.1 to 20.9 since following the Spark plan!

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12/1/11 8:08 P

The only way to know for sure is a heart rate monitor that continuously monitors your pulse. If your treadmill asks your age, weight and gender it could still be off. Spark may be more accurate but not if it doesn't have the specific incline and speed. I'd believe the lower end and plan my meals based on those numbers.

I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday.

I got tired of starting over and working back to where I was, so I have stopped giving up!

12/1/11 7:48 P

Hi all

I have a treadmill that displays how many calories I've burn. I do 30 min 3.2 miles it says I burn 230 calories. How reliable is the count? When I go on websites including this one. They ask about inclines and other things that I can not figure out. If I pick something that I think sounds like what I might be doing it gives a far less calorie burn so how do I figure this one out?


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