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JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,787
2/10/14 2:29 P

Most grains, as the other posters have mentioned, can be made into a tasty treat, either savory or sweet. I bake oatmeal with Greek yogurt (which you can skip), eggs whites, a fruit combination (lately, mashed ripe banana and frozen blueberries), a splash of vanilla and spices. You could do quinoa, barley, rice, etc. I would cut back on the grain to egg content and add veggies and herbs to do something more savory and like an egg casserole type dish. I usually use a 9x9 pan to make 6 servings which takes me through the week.

You could make a big pot of grains and each morning add something new to give you some variety - chopped apple with cinnamon, mixed berries (frozen works very well as they will soften nicely if thrown in with the grain into the microwave), dried fruit, natural nut butter, etc. Or make something like this:

You could also make plain cornmeal into a polenta/grits type dish and add savory or sweet flavorings. Most basic polentas are just water, cornmeal and a lot of stirring.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
2/10/14 1:22 P

Check out the health food section of your supermarket. I'm thinking of Bob's Red Mill grains but I'm sure there are other brands. Spend a moment looking at the packages and reading the recipes and suggestions. Then, if you don't find something fairly quickly, go on to the breakfast cereal section of the same area of the supermarket - see what's offered.

Japanese and Chinese people eat a kind of savory gruel - it's just one of the ways they eat rice. I love it (short grain white rice cooked in dashi and seasoned with different vegetables added) but it's a reminder that rice can be cooked in hot seasoned liquid - with stewed fruit if you don't want to just add some sugar. Stir fried veggies and maybe a poached egg or some eggbeaters swirled in. Just get the plaineset unfortified rice you like, with the most fiber.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
2/10/14 11:29 A

Try barley, farro, brown rice, or quinoa with some milk, a little sweetener (like honey), and fruit... or however you usually have your oatmeal. There are also different kinds of oats. Have you tried steel cut oats?

Target has their Simply Balanced line, and they have different grains in little microwave pouches. You just tear the top off, microwave for 90 seconds, and they're done. Each pouch has 2 servings, so you can put half of it into a container for the next day. Why not get a few different ones to see what you like as breakfasts (or in general)?

Also, have you heard of savory oatmeal? I've heard of people cooking their oats in chicken or veggie broth, or adding eggs, meat, and veggies. It could be an interesting way to use up leftover chicken from dinner.

Or try throwing leftover rice (brown preferred) into a pan with some leftover chicken and veggies, and scramble an egg into the mixture.

Once you branch out from oats to other whole grains, you can start doing a lot more. Plus, the egg and rice thing also makes a great lunch or dinner.

BLUETABBY Posts: 153
2/10/14 11:07 A

I realize the idea behind adding iron, calcium, etc. to breakfast cereals is a good one. Most people don't get enough of those minerals.

BUT, taking thyroid medication such as Synthroid requires one NOT to have iron or calcium supplements within 4 hours. It's winter, it's cold, and most hot cereals have extra iron for the kiddies, which means I can't have it for breakfast unless I'm planning to take the thyroid meds at 2:00 in the morning. I've been eating oatmeal, but meh. It's getting boring.

Any suggestions for non-fortified hot cereal? I've tried a basic Google search, but all I come up with are product sites telling me how wonderful their fortified cereal is. Not so much.

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