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7/28/13 10:09 P

I second the fruits. I have been making smoothies with light vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and bananas and they help my sweet tooth. I know people say moderation, but I find I can't eat any high sugar foods because I just want more and more.

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7/28/13 9:56 P

Don't beat yourself up over snacking. It happens to everyone. Something you might try doing is substituting something sweet that's healthier (greek yogurt with fruit) for something that's unhealthy like candy. If you must have some candy, try to have just a little, like a square of dark chocolate.

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7/28/13 9:14 P

ROZLOUISE - sorry to hear you're disappointed, but one day or even two days isn't going to define the rest of your life. Just because your gained when you reached this weight before doesn't mean it has to happen this time. The past is past, and that includes the last two days. Don't let depression take away the enjoyment you had. But it's done. Start back with small steps if you need to. And make sure you don't cut your calories below your range to try to make up for the last couple of days - that will certainly lead to another binge. Just begin fresh and be kind and gentle with yourself.

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7/28/13 8:21 P

I'm having a rough day, I ate a packet of sour gummy worms and had about two servings of Keebler chocolate covered graham cookies. Yesterday, I had a coke for the first time in about 2 months as well as a packet of chips. I feel like the sugar is creeping up on me, and I have so little control. I couldn't stop myself from buying the candy or stuffing my face at my snack-filled parents house today.

I'm afraid of ruining everything. This is the same thing that happened the last time I got to this weight and then let it creep back on me. I had a few moments today when I felt severely depressed. I'm just having trouble recovering from it. I think I managed to lessen the blow, by swimming this morning, taking a walk this evening, and making sure I had a healthy dinner, but I'm still feeling like crap at the moment. :(

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