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9/20/12 10:20 A

Thank you very much, Nancy. Very informative and interesting. Taken it on board :)

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9/20/12 8:32 A


Good for you for not caving in. I think the biggest lesson we can learn on our healthy journey is learning why we do what we do, so that we can change our habits.

While treat days (some call them cheat days) work for some, studies show that for many they can keep us trapped in a diet mentality. The reason, ALL foods are permitted at ANY time as long as you plan for them. The problem is, many people track their foods AFTER they eat instead of planning ahead. So when they find they went over their calorie range, they eat with all abandon and vow to start again the next day.

That being said, if you are not meeting the minimum calories for the day, this could explain some of your cravings. It's hard to have a craving when you are eating healthy foods every 3-4 hours which keeps you full.

Remember too that when your body does not get the calories it needs, not only will it get energy from the fat cells, but by breaking down lean body mass (muscle, bone, organ and connective tissue) which most people do not want to happen. They want to maintain the lean body mass, the metabolically active tissue.

A recent report in the Nutrition Action Newsletter stated that those who lost 5% of their weight over the course of 3 months were more successful than those who lost at a faster rate.

So the moral of the story is, we can't rush the process to lose weight and in doing so we want to start forming long lasting healthy habits so we never have to diet again.

I wish you well!

Coach Nancy

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9/20/12 8:02 A

Wow congratulations on not giving into your craving! If you know it is a trigger food for you then you did really well to not fall into temptation and just doing that you should have a HUGE round of applause!

Secondly, it is ok to give into the temptation occasionally. The way I try and do it is to factor it into my calorie count for the day so I will eat more fruit and veg for the day to counteract the imbalance of the craving food. That way I get what I want and also stay within my calorie limit so it's like the best of both worlds!

Finally: I tried for 4 months to eat as few calories as possible (about 800 a day) and I lose nothing! My body didn't budge at all from 59kgs no matter what I did. I finally decided that I was tired of starving myself and so decided to rather try eat around 1200 calories and see how that went. I have now lost almost 2kgs in just 10 days! Basically I'm trying to say, don't starve yourself. It will probably have the opposite effect anyway.

Good luck!!!!

9/20/12 7:33 A

Hi Kris
First off, my ticker is in kilograms. It shows my starting weight (88ks) and my current weight (79.8ks). My goal weight is 65 kilograms.
Second, many thanks for your comments. I guess I have been battling to keep up to the minimum calorie count, but it IS getting closer and sometimes even above the minimum lately! You are right, I rarely allow myself treats (eating ones, that is!). Perhaps I will take your advice and try the once a fortnight thing of eating whatever I want. I just don't want to ruin my progress. But what you say makes good sense. Thank you for that.

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9/20/12 6:50 A

Hi - I have a couple questions!

The first is your weight ticker - is that accurate? You are 38kg or is it supposed to be weight lost?

The second is, are you entering all your food into your Nutrition Tracker. I went back to the end of August, and a lot of those days your calories were not only under 1200 cal's but under 1000. That is not enough to eat to maintain you. A woman needs a minimum of 1200 calories for a sedentary lifestyle, but when you factor in exercise, you actually need more calories.

When I was going back I noticed that you don't eat any treats as such. Did you before you started this journey? This isn't about deprivation - it is about healthy choices MOST of the time and eating within our calorie range ALSO most of the time.

I generally suggest that people allow one day per every two weeks to eat whatever they want (provided they don't go tooooo overboard with it). It may seem strange but it DOES work! The reason is that it prevents boredom, and also stops the feelings of deprivation. Those two are two of the main factors why people fall off the wagon. I practice what I preach - check out my weight ticker. I have been maintaining for a long time, and the only difference now is that I have whatever I want (treats) generally weekly, but still eat in the normal 'weight-loss' mode the rest of the time.

When you have your treats, just have small portions. If a fast food outlet provides a child's portion, chose that, and perhaps a piece of fruit for after.

Good luck,

9/20/12 4:52 A

I've been doing well, losing small but stready amounts each week, exercising properly most days. But this morning, I woke up feeling SO hungry for all the wrong foods! I eat well, I am mostly within my calorie range, so its not as if I'm not getting enough to eat of any particulat nutrient. But I was so tempted to eat some junk food (with high high high calorie count) that I had to almost physically restrain myself from popping into a fast food outlet! And I sulked all the way home, asking myself if it could really have been so serious if I had given in to the temptation. The logical answer was 'no', not if its just once in a long while. But I knew in my heart of hearts that if I gave in this time, it would be the beginning of a long downward slippery slope. I know myself. The urge to eat appallingly is still with me! Help!

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