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4/10/13 3:13 P

I wear the Nike Pegasus running shoes for Zumba. It's what I've found works the best for me in Zumba. If your knee is bothering you, chances are you dont have enough support in your shoes. These have awesome support and I highly recommend them. I do believe they come in wide widths online as well.

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4/10/13 1:57 P


You might find this article helpful in your search for decent Zumba shoes.

I have seen women at my gym use split soled dance shoes in class. That might be an option you could look into, but do your homework first. Read about the pros and cons of wearing dance shoes in Zumba.

Do you know if you have a high or low arched foot ? That will determine what type of shoe you wear too. People with flat feet need one kind of support. People with high arches need another.

4/10/13 12:50 P

I would look into men's shoes if you need wider width shoes. You would probably have better luck finding different styles that would fit well

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4/10/13 9:18 A

i would start with a good athletic shoe store where you can ask these questions and they can probably help.
I have two different types of shoes that i can wear for walking and another for cross training. They also fitted my foot for an insert that works well in either shoe.
I know they asked at one point in the consultation if i do aerobics or zumba.
They would also have a wide selection of sizes.

4/10/13 8:46 A

I began Zumba in January - totally love it!! It is the only exercise routine that I've found that I enjoy enough to stick with. I began having left knee pain about 6 weeks ago. I have read numerous articles about Zumba footwear and I think my shoes could be my problem. My Zumba class is instructed on hardwood floors. I have looked into different performance shoes that are recommended for Zumba, but I have the issue is I have wide feet. I have had zero luck finding something recommended in a wide width. I really hate to order shoes but at this point that's my only option (small town, not a wide variety of stores). The small town is also an issue as no one can point me in the right direction. Last weekend while shopping I asked about a lower tread shoe and I was directed to a off track running shoe (with lots of tread) because "When I work out, this is what I wear! But I don't go to Zumba." the store associate said. What do you Zumba goers with wide feet wear? Brand & style please. Thanks so much!!

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