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You CANNOT effectively burn fat with elevated levels of insulin, ven if you exercise like wild.
Have you been tested for Insulin Resistance?

I could never understand why I couldn't lose weight or when I did it was minimal and I would yo-yo. Finally, I went to an endocrinoligist who took an A1C test...which measures your blood sugar levels from the last 3 months...and I was diagnosed as insulin resistant.

I followed a low glycemic, low carb diet successfully since and lost 96lbs and now find it easy to maintain.

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I think that if you forget about the P90x, and eat according to the recommendations from SP with regard to a healthy lifestyle you will do much better in the long term. That particular diet, altho' SOME aspects aren't too bad, it starts with a very low carb and high protein intake to shred fat quickly. Exercise is what shreds fat. Certainly, for an average woman of average weight, a 1200 calorie is recommended as the bare minimum. When a person is overweight and/or active, they NEED to eat more. 800 calories is definitely WAAAAYYY too low UNLESS you are being closely monitored by a Registered Dietitian and/or a Dr who specializes in Dietetics.

How long have you been on this diet? This isn't about a quick-fix - diets don't work, partly because they often rely on quick-fixes, not addressing the long-term problems/issues.

To me it sounds like you have emotional issues which really need addressing. Your weight isn't that huge amount of overweight. I would be inclined to talk with your Dr and ask for a referral to a Therapist who deals with body image issues.

You mention that you are gaining muscle but not losing fat. How do you know that you aren't losing fat? Have you been properly checked? I suggest that you go to a Gym and ask for 9 point skin-fold caliper test, and ensure that the person doing it is qualified to do it.

Often when people start exercise they do gain some weight. Part of this is because they are gaining muscle, and that in turn means that you are carrying extra fluid to maintain it. I would strongly suggest that you DON'T fall into the trap of buying baggy clothes - they more often than not accentuate bulk. If you go to a WOMEN'S clothes store, try a variety of styles of clothes. It is amazing how with proper undergarments and styles, AND colouring for you, it can give the impression of a ton of weight having been lost! Women are notorious for wearing ill-fitting bra. Get properly fitted in that department too, by someone who is qualified, not just someone who chucks a load of bra for you to try and then try to sell you 'whatever'

Please, do NOT be tempted to starve yourself - you will do your mind AND body a lot of harm in the long-term!

Please take care,

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I'm so tired of the way I look. I've always been skinny and semi-fit. But while going through nursing school I gained so much weight and went up to 145 lbs while standing 5 feet 2 inches. Since February, I have been on P90x and I've only lost 5 pounds. I'm so confused about how many calories I'm supposed to consume. Some say never dip down below 1200 cals and some say more. I don't have a job right now and can't afford to consult a dietician. I've probably been consuming anywhere between 800 cals to 1600 cals after exercise. And sparkpeople says I should be consuming anywhere between 1200 to 1550 cals a day and lose 560 cals through exercise a week. I just felt so awful earlier while exercising when I caught glimpse of myself. I cant even look in the mirror anymore. I've been wearing baggy clothes even when it's starting to get hot here. I've been gaining muscles too but its like I"m not losing fat at all. I'm just bigger looking and bulky and my face is awfully bloated and huge. I can't fit my old clothes and had to got to the men's department to buy big T-shirts. What am I supposed to freaking do? I've been eating the right kind of carbs too. I've stayed away from sugar except for the tall chai tea latte I drink from Starbucks and that's probably the only guilty pleasure I have. Can someone tell me what am i doing wrong. I remember last summer where i forgot to eat because i was too busy I know i was below 1200 cals maybe 800 cals or less a day and lost 15 pounds But now i"m trying to lose weight by not starving myself and the fat isnt budging. i'm so tempted to starve myself again to lose weight

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