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6/13/11 11:23 P

Just keep moving the pedals and the resistance will build. And there's really no cure for the saddle does go away with time though.

SUZYQ1271999 Posts: 30
6/13/11 10:43 P

Wow, thanks so much! I really appreciate it I have a gel seat here at home I use on my normal bike I hope that might can work.

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6/13/11 9:39 P

Just go!! I felt the same way my first time...... I almost didn't go. But, get there early and tell the instructor you're new and they'll help you with your bike set up. Remember, you control the bike,,,,so you don't have to 'keep up' with the's been 3 months and I still can't keep up with the resistance. But 'try' to keep up the pace. It's fun and i'm hooked, and I loathe cardio.

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6/13/11 9:36 P

These days, gyms are happy to have your membership. We no longer are shunned or looked at strangely in gyms. We all had to get started somewhere. Shows like The Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover have made it accepting to go for physical fitness and not know how to do some of the activities we signed up for (circuit training, aka bootcamp). Most of the people are willing to help each other and want to see you do good. You have to take a chance and chances are VERY goood you will find others in your class that are new or will be glad to offer help if you need it. I am so glad I did this for me and no one has made me feel inferior or dumb. Good Luck and go for it! emoticon

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6/13/11 9:23 P

I agree with the sore butt bit! I bought a gel seat and that helped a lot!


JODILYN78 Posts: 142
6/13/11 3:54 P

Great advice! I agree. I love spin. You get what you give in the class. Have fun!

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6/13/11 3:38 P

Spinning is a very fun, but extremely intense class. So, if you're not used to intense exercise, you may find the class a challenge. However, most spinning classes have ALL levels from beginner to tri-athlete. You work at your own level. Don't feel you have to do what the person next to you is doing. Some of those people may have been taking the class for years.

First off, if you're new, check to see if their is a sign up sheet. Spinning is very popular and their is a limited number of bikes. Thus the need for a sign up sheet. Because you are new, GET TO CLASS at least 5-10 minutes early so that the teacher can help you set up the bike. Don't just hop on a bike !! You need to learn how to set the seat and handle bar positions. If one of those is wrong, it could cause you pain when you peddle.

Bring a bottle of water as well as a towel. You'll need to stay hydrated during class. You must drink water, if you don't you risk passing out.

However, don't worry, just go and enjoy yourself. Like I said, you work at your own level. It may take 4-5 classes before you start feeling comfortable. and I'll warn you now, the bike seats are not comfortable. You will feel some pain in your butt after you take the class. this is normal and passes in 4-5 classes.

So, sign up if their is a sheet, bring water, bring a towel, get to class early to have the teacher show you how to set up the bike, but mostly, have fun !!! And don't feel that you have to like a particular teacher. An instructor makes or breaks a class and some are much better than others.

have fun !

PS - wear comfortable clothing that breathes. no sweats.

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SUZYQ1271999 Posts: 30
6/13/11 2:08 P

Hey everyone!!!! Hope you are all having a great Monday, I know I am! Anywho so I have been wanting to take a spin class for sometime now but never really got up the courage to do it. So I am looking for any tips or advice from you awesome spinners! I am a beginner and not in the best physical shape but I reallllllly love biking and need a challenge to kick my weight loss and also try something new. I really like that its a group activity too so hopefully it can feel like my own spinning family. Thanks for any tips or advice!!! Have a great day everyone! emoticon emoticon

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