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10/1/13 9:50 P

Since you are familiar with the restaurant, think through what things they have that are good options for you and plan out what you are going to eat. Focus on protein and fruits and veg rather than breads and deserts.

If you think it would be too much of a temptation, why not suggest a different restaurant to your family -- something more diet friendly. As much as I love mexican, when my hubby suggests it these days I counter with something Asian as I know that I can find something to eat that is low carb / low calorie there. Korean has bulgogi, Chinese I can get stir fry vegetables, Japanese I can get soup and sashimi...

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10/1/13 9:16 P

Start with a salad and keep the stuff like croutons off of it. If you need to carry a good lowfat dressing in your purse, do so.

Avoid fried foods and bread-- HUGE calories right there.

Eat lots of fruit and some lean meat.

Drink water, not pop.

Offer to get other people refills so that you're not sitting at the table constantly. If there are kids along, take them up.

Let yourself have dessert! Or one treat of whatever kind.

If you mess up, track your calories anyway. Start again tomorrow.

This is what I do when I go to Golden Corral with the fam and it's worked so far.

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10/1/13 8:55 P

Since you do it every week, the water old wive's tale would work, really, not for the near future.
What worked the best for me, was to eat my regular meal at home, and just go and drink coffee, sit down, and just enjoy your coffee, don't even walk by the buffet at all. Otherwise, the temptation will be too much for you........I used to carry raw cauliflower in my purse, and would eat that. You know what you "should" eat, don't need us to tell you, but doing it will be hard, if it's too hard, you might have to stay at home and miss a few of these meals. If you have lost a lot of weight, than it might be easier to go back and try again. But it's part of life. Maybe change to a restaurant where you just order your own meal, each person does that, instead of loading up your plate.

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10/1/13 8:30 P

Oh my.... drink a glass of water.... I would stick with fresh veggies on the salad bar, avoid those dressings, try to find baked chicken or fish, steamed veggies --- and some fresh fruit for desert? Make the best choices you can and drink MORE water!

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10/1/13 8:16 P

I would eat lots of salads, but avoid the dressing. I don't put the dressing on my salad, but I dip my lettuce lightly in the dressing.

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10/1/13 7:09 P

Drink a ton of water before you go as it will fill you up quite a bit and then you may want to overeat but your stomach doesn't have the room!

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10/1/13 6:17 P

this is my problem too, pick a lean protein and veggies. I would get grilled chicken and my veggies would be steamed. that is my best option. maybe for you too! salads can be really high in calories!

10/1/13 6:00 P

This is a very tricky challenge and I hope you find a way to cope with it. If you are going out for a nice meal with your family then it might be just as well to simply enjoy it and not worry, for one meal, what you eat (within reason). Make sure you eat lightly/sensibly from the next meal onwards. Faced with an 'all you can eat' meal, I have to keep telling myself it's not a challenge!

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10/1/13 5:39 P

Try drinking a lot of water before you go, that way you aren't has hungry to eat when you get there. Also it is good to allow yourself one day a week to let yourself stray a little off your plan. So don't get yourself to down about it!

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10/1/13 5:25 P

I learned that it is about you attitude with food. I turned my attitude around. Food use to be my enemy and now it is my friend. I use it to eat healthy........not junk. I use it to fuel my workouts. It's all about how you look at food. If it is a problem for you right now I would not even go. But if you did come up with a plan for yourself. Something you can live with. Load up on fresh veggies would help. Also eating a lot of protein helps too. Those things keep you fuller longer. Drink plenty of water too.......

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10/1/13 5:05 P

Need advice my family and I go out at least once a weekend to our favorite restaurant which is a all u can eat restaurant I'm scared I'm going to over eat what do I do?? I could literally starve myself till I get there which wouldn't b a good idea or do lots of exercising before hand. I love to eat which is a big problem for me. If u have any advice please let me know also if u would like to b friends u can add me thanks

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