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4/30/13 8:23 P

I know that you are probably also wanting to keep your doctor informed about your progress. Let him know that on 1200 calories, you were feeling weak, tired, run down. If you up your calories by a few hundred each day, you will feel better and have more intensity to give all your daily activities. As you lose weight, you may need to lower your calories again.

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RACHKWPD1 Posts: 5
4/30/13 8:11 P

Thank you all so much. I have to say, I did get a weird feeling once he said 1200 calories.I always knew the caloric intake would drop from what I was used to, but not THAT low. It's taken alot for me to post because this is all so new to me. I feel comfortable now because of all of you so thank you so much

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4/30/13 7:46 P

Weight loss advice from your gyno? He probably did one nutrition paper at college before he specialized. I wouldn't touch his advice with a 10 foot pole. My GP gives TERRIBLE weight loss advice (he eats nothing but salads and stir frys so he can drink his calories... Yikes) because it is not his area of expertise.

Enter your details into spark and follow that program. It has worked for tonnes of people, myself included.

RACHKWPD1 Posts: 5
4/30/13 5:26 P

No medical need to lose weight, just the unhealthy reason, but that's it. He even told me to only eat food that is frozen or boxed to make it easier. Obviously this sounded really bad to me, and I vowed not to do that, but 1200 calories seems super low, and I really thank all of you for the help. I've already lost 40 lbs, and it's only been 2 months, so I am doing something right before I saw this doctor. Oh, and not to be too much info here, but he's my gyno.

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4/30/13 4:27 P

1200 cals is far too low for someone who has 100 lbs to lose and is active. I would say 1200 cals is the bare minimum a petite sedentary woman should eat to lose weight. I'm petite but I would die eating only 1200 cals a day with my activity level. I eat around 1500 cals and I'm 5'2 110 lbs and lose weight. You could definitely eat more than I do and lose. I don't even burn as much calories as you because I have a lower BMR.

More than likely your doctor, not being a nutrition specialist is not very knowledgeable in this area. I'd follow the range Spark has set for you and if you're losing 1-3 lbs/week that is the safe amount to lose. Around 3 lbs is the safe amount if you're obese, 2 lbs if you're overweight and 1 lb if you're bordering on your overweight/healthy BMI.

Just make sure you've entered your weight loss goal to lose 1-2 lbs per week and you've entered manually into your fitness setup the amount of calories you burn per week. This will give you an accurate calorie range.

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4/30/13 4:12 P

Is there a medical reason for you to lose weight quite quickly? Is your doctor a specialist in weight loss?

If neither of the above are true, then I'm afraid that I would think that perhaps your doc is not overly knowledgeable in this area and just went with the standard "you're female - 1200 calories per day - next..."

If there is no medical reason for super-quick weight loss, and since you're not feeling well at the lower calorie range, why not try the Spark recommended range for a month or so and see how that works for you? The worst that could happen is that your weight loss will slow down a bit, while the best would be that you'll continue to lose but feel better at the same time. I suspect that many of us on the site have had to play around a bit to figure out what calorie range is optimal for both weight loss and feeling well.

If there is a medical reason, then please ask for a referral to a dietitian to see if they can work with you to come up with the best calorie range to lose weight safely in the time-frame required, while still allowing you to feel well and enjoy your workouts. It's important to call in the experts for help when you're dealing with medical issues (us well-meaning folks on the net just don't have the qualifications for that!).

Kudos on your success so far!

RACHKWPD1 Posts: 5
4/30/13 3:35 P

Hello everyone,

Sparkpeople has my calorie intake MUCH higher than my doctor has me at. I have been feeling very hungry at only 1,200 (doctors advice) and weak when I work out, almost like I'm getting sick all the time. I burn alot of calories when I work out (500-600) and I do it 6 days a week. Am I totally messing up? I have approx 100 lbs to lose and any help is greatly appreciated

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