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If your shorts are tight, it might not be because you've eaten too much. You might just be experiencing some water retention. Ever notice that pants that are usually loose feel really tight whenever we have our menstrual cycle ? I've looked at your food diary. You're not eating enough calories to gain weight. If you're eating what you logged, that would explain why you're constantly hungry. it's because you're not eating enough. Some days you have less than 800 calories logged. that's not enough calories to sustain an adult woman and keep her healthy.

When you feel hungry, have a piece of fruit. Try to eat more servings of veggies to keep yourself full for longer. Are you eating enough protein ? That's something else you can do, try eating a bit more protein at your meals. eating a bit more protein as well as foods that are high in fiber help keep us full for longer.

And like I said, if your food diary is correct, you need to eat more.

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5/30/13 8:57 A

Being hungry all the time is not sustainable. Hunger is our body's way to keep us alive.

There are lots of things you can try to keep from being hungry.

emoticon I think the most important one is to increase the amount of vegetables you are eating. Vegetables have several things going for them:
- phytonutrients. If you don't get enough of these, you will be hungry.
- fiber. It helps you feel full
- water. Seriously, you can eat a huge amount of most vegetables for almost no calories

emoticon Fats are important, too. Some people get nervous about fats when they try to lose weight. Slathering butter on a biscuit is not going to help you here, but a handful of almonds or some avocado slices on your salad may help your body to stop craving more food.

emoticon Low fat protein sources may help keep you from being hungry. Some people get really hungry when they don't get enough protein. Try adding more protein at different times of day.

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Maybe you need to break your meals down so that you graze throughout the day, since you are a "snacker"...that's not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you're within your nutritional ranges. It might help you with your hunger pangs, too, if you eat over the course of the day and not just scheduled, full meals. Are you drinking lots of water, too?

I'd suggest equal amounts strength training and cardio, not one more than the other. I hope you do both! BTW, I remember your posts from before...never forget you're beautiful at any size, no matter what other people say to you.You have the right to the body you want, but don't let them distort your image or sabotage your efforts with a negative attitude.

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5/30/13 2:12 A

I need more cardio pronto!

And I also need to stop snacking! But I'm so hungry like all the time!

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