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1/24/14 10:36 A

Welcome to Spark!

Spark has many helps for new folks. Here are some tips:

1. Set up a personal page. This is your jumping off space for your Spark experience. Your page allows other SparkPeople to find you and give you support and encouragement.

2. Join a team. Interested in a specific eating plan? There's probably a team for that! Have a hobby or like a special TV show like Biggest Losers? Look for a team! Teams offer lots of information about Spark and a quick way to get involved.

3. Go to your nutrition and fitness sections from your points or start tabs. If you're not sure what eating plan you want, Spark will ask a few questions and create one for you to try. Same goes for fitness!

If you are interested in walking, I'd suggest you join the 12 Weeks to Walking Team (you can find their icon by going to my page and looking at my teams). This is a great team for walkers at all levels, beginners to advanced.

The Spark experts are very helpful - you might do the free trial coaching to get you started and see if coaching will work for you!

Hope this helps you reach your goals!

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1/24/14 10:16 A

Hi, my name is Rebecca, I am 24 and hoping to stay on track to lose 150-160 pounds in the long run but currently I'll just stick with the smaller goal SP gave me to get to 230 by July 16.

I have been obese for most of my life now and my weight has been making my life worse and worse as the years go by not just with my physical and mental health but in other ways like my job and my family. I am sick of regrets of ever letting myself get this big, quitting in the past and letting people get to me so bad I dread going out and have become a shut in so I join SP to help keep track, maybe support and changing my life.

I started my weight loss journey last week and already javascript:void(0)had my first hump to get over and I did get over it, I kept on exercising and even though I didn't feel great for those 2 days after that I felt fantastic so now I know when I feel like that to just keep going because I know it ill eventually pass. ^_^

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