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9/18/13 3:02 P

First off warmest welcome to Spark People. It's going to be a hard journey but if you stay committed even when you fall off get right back on. Log everything as if you were writing a book about yourself. Food prep is a big key. Search this site for recipes and plan meals for the week...Tupperware or brown bagging works. It's about 80-90% what you intake and the rest is activity. Try something new whether it be food or activity. In order for your body to change you have to change your mind. I can go on & on about what helped me loose 56lbs, you have to play around w/ what works for your body. Listen if you need an accountability partner let me know. I have a support page (link below) if you ever need some daily inspiration, recipes or if you'd like to add some input on what helps you. Stay committed in this journey!!!

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9/18/13 2:11 P


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9/18/13 2:07 P

Hi and welcome to SP!!

WW didn't work for me either...I see that it does work for some but it didn't work for me..i hit a plateau and couldn't get off got frustrated and quit...

I have found a lifestyle change that, so far, I have not hit a plateau, have had to do very little exercise and have not had to buy special food for. Its called The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise. It is watching your sugar and carb intake...and that is it... I love it and have lost 66 lbs so far on it...

I hope you find something that works for you, there are alot of instructional videos on here and exercise video's too. There is also alot of teams on here. I suggest becoming part of one. They are a great way to give and get motivation and encouragment...

If you have any questions, not sure how to find the sparkteams, want to know more about the lifestyle change I am doing...feel free to sparkmail me!

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9/18/13 1:12 P

Hey Theresa, I am Karen. It sounds like our goals are rather similar, I'd like to be at 165 and I too am getting older but I've decided that isn't an excuse. If anything it's more important as all those joints are beginning to hurt! I've done weight watchers too, worked for a while but very clickish type group setting so I always felt out of place...maybe just my shyness coming into play. Anyway, hoping to meet some friends on here to help me stay on track and will do the same for you.

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Hi everyone, my name is Theresa and I am new to this page. emoticon I have tried weight watchers and really found that it didn't help a lot. I was at one point up to 270, an ideal weight for me is about 160-170. About a year and a half ago I went back to work full time and was doing a lot more exercise and I am currently down to about 220-225, depending on the day emoticon . I have hit a plateau, though. My doctor suggest this sight. I really want to at least get back down to under 200, but my goal is 175. It is hard to lose the weight! When I married my husband 9 years ago, I weighed about 150, which was too skinny! However, I would just like to fit in a size 12-14 again! I know that I am getting older, but I have the will power, now just need the weight to disappear!! emoticon

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