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GLO631 Posts: 16
4/13/13 12:39 P

Thank you, I'm trying

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4/13/13 10:14 A

Hi and welcome to Spark People! Jump right in and make yourself at home and get the support and inspiration you need to accomplish your goals! You can do this!!

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4/13/13 9:47 A

Welcome to SP. Hang tough and stay focused.

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SHRINKING7 Posts: 325
4/12/13 7:20 P

Hi Gloria. WELCOME TO SPARKPEOPLE there is so much to this site make sure you take time to explore ir well and find out which parts will be helpful to you. I personally love thr food and exercise trackers and getting involved in the community. Please drop by my page and say hello. X

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4/12/13 5:21 P

Welcome Gloria.... emoticon

I'm Patti, have been (sort of) active for several months now. There are really great articles to read; and the advice from the Spark People Coaches posted on the various Message Boards is REALLY good. I'm actually still exploring using the Food Tracker, as I had been using a spreadsheet from a dietician I got some years ago. She helped me drop my glucose as my weight dropped from 168 to ~140. As the last five years passed, I've gained some back, so here I am!! Most of the Spark Diet and Exercise info I've gotten is spot-on to what the dietician had me doing. Although in my case, my allowed Carbs seem kind of high (I am being a bit more restrictive helped me.)

I have found some of the Message Board posts/advice from members to be "iffy", but then there are many opinions and we all experience things differently. Use your own judgement.

Welcome again, and best wishes on your new journey! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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GLO631 Posts: 16
4/12/13 4:51 P

My name is Gloria and I'm new to this site. I have been struggling for the past 10 years with fluctuating weight. I'd gain, find a diet and lose it, then regain it. I feel like a yo-yo. I didn't think my eating habits were that bad, but they must be. Hopefully, I'll be able to lose and keep it off by changing my eating habits, with the help of this site.

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