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6/18/12 7:34 P

Byepounds what is your weight goal? Have you thought about doing insanity at all?

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6/18/12 7:24 P

Lots of good advice, thanks for joining!

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6/18/12 6:50 P

I been doing Insanity now for 3 weeks let me tell you i love it. Yes doing the same workouts suck but the part doing the same workout is to not stop for a breather. There are 5 fit test i can tell you i just did my 2nd fit test an i did great better than i thought. If anyone has not bought the Insanity email me for any question before you buy it

i have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks off Insanity an eating clean. Eating clean is the most important part. If you wanna lose the weight say good bye to the junk an hello to the healthy food

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