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3/26/13 8:03 A

Welcome to SP, where the rubber meets the road.

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3/25/13 3:36 P


Be sure to check out the teams. My team mates have made a big difference in helping me stay on track. There many different type of times - age, goals, interests, etc. It is a great way to find buddies.

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3/25/13 3:20 P


0309COOKIE Posts: 8,436
3/24/13 5:13 P

Welcome aboard!


KELLYD2112 Posts: 110
3/24/13 4:37 P

Thanks for the article Val - a lot of good stuff to reflect on. I really don't want to go down the same path again. Well I do want to lose the weight again, but I don't want to gain it back this time.

KELLYD2112 Posts: 110
3/24/13 4:20 P

Thanks, I really appreciate that. I'm still figuring out how to navigate this website but starting to get the hang of it. I explored a lot of sites and really felt the community vibe of this one to be the most positive. Thanks for being my buddy!


KELLYD2112 Posts: 110
3/24/13 4:08 P

Hi Sheila,

Thank you for the welcome. Your story itself is so encouraging. I really need to be here too. I don't have the support at home so I will be looking to SparkPeople for that and hopefully I can give back some of the same.



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3/23/13 11:57 P

emoticon Welcome to Spark. You have taken an important step on your journey by joining!
I've been a member a little over 3 years. I made fantastic progress and lost 100 pounds in the first year BUT I became careless about nutrition and exercise and have gained a lot of the pounds back! I became disgusted with myself and closed my Spark account, but soon realized I NEEDED to be here. I'm back using the nutrition and exercise trackers now - they are so important. The sense of community and the friendships I have made here keep me going!
Explore the site, make your Sparkpage if you haven’t, join teams, and make friends. You will find this site an amazing place full of encouragement, inspiration, advice, and support. We are here to keep everyone motivated.
I’ve found that the best source of motivation on spark is posting, asking questions, and finding new friends that are in this together. We are all on this journey of a healthy live style, so your not alone in this. People need someone to believe in them. They need to know that if they take that first step out of their comfort zone, someone will be supporting them all the way. With small words of encouragement, with just a little extra time, that someone could be you. In some cases, others may just be unaware of their true abilities and potential.
Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.
Good luck!

DATTEBERR SparkPoints: (5,640)
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3/23/13 11:51 P

Welcome Kelly. You have found the best weight loss support system out there.
I am going to add you as a Spark buddy. If you have any questions, you can leave me message on my Sparkboard, and I will help you out when I can. There are so many wonderful Spark Teams out there. Again welcome.

EDWARDS1411 SparkPoints: (648,092)
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3/23/13 11:41 P

emoticon Greetings Kelly - glad to have you onboard!!!

Sparking is all about creating healthier lifestyles and is not a quick fix. In fact, it's more of a journey than a destination. So take it slow making gradual changes, ones that are reasonable and sustainable for the long run - permanent changes that will lead to permanent results. Here's an article you may find helpful in getting started.

"Stop Dieting and Start Living"

Wishing you the best as you work on becoming healthier and more fit!!!


KELLYD2112 Posts: 110
3/23/13 10:59 P

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here. It's been awhile since I was involved with an online site like this. The last time it was Biggest Loser. I lost 30 pounds to reach goal but in a period of less than 3 years gained it all back plus 10 more. While I'm working on losing all that weight again I'd really like to explore why in the world did I just let myself go after all that hard work. I know some of it was stress due to overwhelming changes that took place but there's probably more to it then that. I'm hoping to get some wisdom from any of you out there that are successfully maintaining. I want to be more prepared. Thanks for listening and if you would like a 49 year old female buddy with 40 pounds to lose and a yo yo habit to kick, please friend me.

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