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BILL60 Posts: 926,503
9/25/13 8:10 A

Welcome back to SP.

DOWN135 Posts: 842
9/25/13 7:37 A

Hi all.. I'm back again too! I still loved receiving the emails of recipes and updates from SparkPeople. I did go away for a few months and joined Weight Watchers online at the suggestion of a friend. I was trying to lose weight for my wedding in September and did pretty well. But even before the wedding I didn't feel that Weight Watchers online gave me anything different that I couldn't get here from SparkPeople. And SP offers alot more connection and community interaction which I love as well. Knowing that there are others that hit walls, have struggles and successes, and live like I do! I just had a Know Your Numbers health analysis at work this morning, and I'm not happy at all about my waist ratio! Came back to my desk and ate my oatmeal and opted for the snack of blueberry yogurt instead of the muffins they were offering. Yippie, score for me! Glad to be back with SP! You helped me once before, let's do it again and even better this time!

RASPBERRY56 SparkPoints: (237,835)
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9/25/13 7:16 A


BECKY0111 SparkPoints: (40,279)
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9/24/13 10:04 P

Hello Beth. Welcome. Good luck with your weight loss goals and your EMT training.


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9/24/13 9:31 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!

9/23/13 3:45 P

Welcome to the site!

SUZIPAM1 Posts: 1,464
9/23/13 2:48 P

you gonna do just great

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9/23/13 1:01 P

hi welcome back best wishes

PURPBUTTERFLY31 SparkPoints: (1,835)
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9/23/13 12:55 P

Hello there My name is Beth. I am a 31 yr old female. No kids and not married. I have struggled with my weight and my health for a long time. This is not my first time here on SP. I have joined a couple of other times and stuck with it for a couple of months but then I let life take over. Over the last couple of weeks something clicked inside that said this is it. No more. It is time to get serious and stay serious about changing my life. I have enrolled in an Emt Basic training course that will begin on Sept 30th and that is only part of the reason for my decision to get serious. I look forward to getting to know everyone here and make new friends along the way. Always looking for motiviation, suggestions, buddies.

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