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NEED2MOVE2 Posts: 1,254
7/22/14 2:10 P

Read some success stories.. that will get you hooked.
Good luck!

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7/22/14 1:45 P

Look for a free article by James Clear called Transforming Habits. In the meantime, I would suggest baby steps...find ONE thing, drinking more water, walking ten minutes a day, and commit to doing that.

RYNEBERG23 Posts: 69
7/21/14 9:30 P

You're definitely in the right place Sam!

Wanting to change is definitely a great first step, What kinds of things do you like to do? I can definitely help you :)

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7/21/14 9:11 P

Well your in the right place. Click onto articles & videos, then go to Motivation Articles and proceed to SparkPeople Buzz. They have a lot of valuable information.

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7/21/14 8:59 P

Hello, my name is Sam, im 24 years old and i lack all motivation and really am new to this. I signed up along time ago, i just never committed to it...and i want that to change. But i know i cant keep going on my own. So can anyone help me? I need to find out a good way to start..

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