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1/17/14 10:49 A

Congratulations EXCELDREAM on your weight loss emoticon ....that is wonderful, and really glad that you now have some relief and can enjoy your bell ringing(that sound so fun)..yes I am starting off rather slow..takes a bit of getting used to the different cooking..I am hispanic so I LOVE my mexican food..but i do find MANY good alternatives too.. So continue doing well..and I hope someday to be able to feel better too..thank you again emoticon

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1/17/14 6:58 A

Good luck on your weigh in Luanne_61.

654Sylvia - I play handbells and standing 1.5 hours for practice was killing my feet, longer when we performed. I've lost 46 pounds last year (5 before I started SP), and I only noticed the last concert how much difference it made. I didn't even think about it until I was leaving instead of soldiering thru the evening. I'm hopeful you'll find the same relief for your knee. Plus it's fun.

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1/15/14 11:00 P

Yes Sylvia please add me. I've been learning more things on SP today, one being I figured out how to add this thread to my favorites. I didn't get much exercise in today because I really think I over did it and that is why my knee was hurting. I have to remember to take it slow and easy.

I hope everyone had a good day. I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished, my weigh in day will be Monday, I hope the scale shows it.

Good night and sweet dreams everyone,

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1/14/14 9:30 P

Hello LUANNE, yes it is hard on my knees as well, I can't hardly do any exercise, because of the pain during and after..thats why I am starting with walking..and just for 10 mins. for now and I am hoping to work up to more as I go... welcome to SP.. LUANNE I hope this helps us all..Good Luck and if its ok I will add you as my friend..Have a good evening

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1/14/14 9:18 P

Hi Sylvia, Welcome, I'm new too and have knee issues. I know it's the extra weight they have to hold up for me. Some days are better than others that's for sure. Yesterday I worked out to a video I found here and today...OUCH my knees! Slow and easy I think is a good thing to do when just starting out!

It's so nice to come here and be able to chat with all of you!
Have a good night!

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1/14/14 8:47 P

Hi. I'm 54 and at least that much overweight. I've found that avoiding going downstairs helps my knee, which I injured a few years ago. It is hard to become more active at our age once you've slowed down, but not impossible. Good luck!

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1/14/14 6:54 P

Thank you Wanras..sorry to hear of your hip issues,but you are right we all have something going on with our aging bodies.I laughed at the Dr. comment, but that is so true, my goodness and at 18.. I was barely 105 soaking my poor knees really are under stress..yes it does look like so many of us are trying to do something, and that is a good thing everyday we need to start again,just never give up no matter what..If one thing doesn't work go for the next one..Good Luck to you and thanks again emoticon emoticon

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1/14/14 4:22 P

Hi Sylvia !! Welcome to SparkPeople. You will find lots of us on here with the same issues. I had a guy tell me many years ago that his doctor asked him "what makes you think that your knees at your age can hold any more weight than they could at age 18?" Wow is that ever a slap in the face. Anyway - I too weigh about 50 pounds more than I did at age 18. Currently going to a Physical Therapist to learn how to breath and how to walk properly. My hips are my culprit for the walking.
Hope you find everything you need. Feel free to check on my Spark Page or email me. This is a great place to get info and support.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/14/14 11:52 A

my name is Sylvia ,I am 59 and just about that much over weight. emoticon I have started Sp because I am really tried of all the diet hype that never seems to work for me..A couple yrs ago, i tripped and fell on all fours,and messed up my knees ,didn't know that then but here it is 2 yrs later and they are really giving me grief. All the extra weight sure doesn't help my knees at all.I can't walk for very long so I am taking it slow,I know I can work up to more minutes as I go along.I have been reading some of your post you all are very encouraging and helpful.I am going to enjoy joining you and sharing our journey here Thank you and hope to be chatting with you.

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