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1/25/13 8:59 P

I'm new too, welcome :) I understand some of the feelings you have. Have you ever checked in with an endocrinologist? I did after an MRI for migraines revealed I had a pituitary tumor (benign) and those can often cause unwanted hair like you've described.....just a thought. Anyway, good luck on your journey.

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1/25/13 8:36 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!

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1/25/13 1:24 P

What a great step you are taking!!! I too have a 3 yr old (well in March anyway lol) he is one of the best things in my life (as well as my 10 month old daughter). I too was at a point when I thought that there was a different way of living. Not just for myself and my husband but for my beautiful babies. The first step is getting into the mindset that this is what you want...And my friend, it looks like you're there!! There are tons of workouts that are out there for you that will help with your stamina, weight and will just overall make you feel better. I hadn't really ever worked out when I started. I figured that I needed to find something fun to do to keep me interested. I started Hula Hooping!!! Anyway, I would love to keep in touch! One of the biggest things is having someone to hold you accountible. I have met so many other like-minded people since starting this journey that have helped to motivate me and pick me back up when I've fallen back. If you ever need any suggestions for food, or exercise please don't hesitate to contact me! The best way is through fb though if you send me a message through SP i will see it too. You can do this!!! and I can just see you 6 months from now looking back amazed at what kind of progress you've made. :)

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1/25/13 1:07 P

Welcome to Spark People!

You have taken the first step to a healthier and more active lifestyle. No matter what your goals are or your plans to accomplish them, SP has plenty of resources to help you. There are articles and blogs that address nutrition, health, wellness and fitness.

You will receive acknowledgement for your accomplishments-big and small—with Sparkpoints, trophies and goodies.

And, this is the most important aspect for me, you are now part of a community that will support and encourage you. Be sure to check out the teams. My teammates have made a difference when I stumbled. They also celebrated my triumphs.

If you have questions about any aspect of the website or the program, post a message in one of our Forums. For example, if you have a question about nutrition, post a message in the Diet and Nutrition Forum. Or a question about exercise, post in the Fitness Forum and so forth.

Feel free to drop by my Spark Page and say hi.

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1/25/13 12:42 P

I have a 3 year old daughter she is my world and reason for waking up in the morning, I have been married for 4 years this past december. We both are overweight and when we got together we just became even more unhealthy because we just ate whatever we wanted im ashamed to say. My daughter loves fruits and veggies and i love vegging out with her. Since I was a very young teenager i had always had unwanted body and face hair i thought well my genes were hairy, wasnt until last week when i watched a special on pcos that i realized i have many of the symptoms. my doctor always said i couldnt have children but i have my daughter, i dont know if i have cysts but i know its very hard for me to lose weight and im hairy and i hate it, and as cliche as it sounds i hate the hair so much that i would eat to try and focus on something else but it became more difficult to focus on something else when every other day i have to shave my face!! then i had a bigger problem i was overweight im 5foot exactly and i weight 230 pounds i hate being fat, every month i tell my husband we are going to do this for sarah and for ourselves because i dont want to die and then that little monster in my mind that says mmmm icecream sounds great attacks me i have a horrible sweet tooth, but i feel i really have got to kill that monster and live a long healthy life monster your going down!!

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