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JANEWATKINS: A couple of years ago I had a really nasty heel blister, too. It was so nasty that it stained my socks and shoes with blood. I had bought 2 new pair of cross trainers and was alternating breaking them in. I made the mistake of walking far too long in one pair and got a blister that bled profusely. It was quite stubborn and it took a while to heal.

Moleskin is a great idea. The one key element I would mention is that you want to continually keep the blister sterilized. Infection can be a really nasty thing. I would thoroughly clean mine with "liquid bandage" antiseptic and use moleskin before walking, and then I cleaned the blister with soap and water when I got back. Finally, I applied more liquid bandage, but kept a sock off and let some air get to my heel.

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The best treatment for blisters is change your shoes, avoid walking on it, and let it go down on its own.

But if you have to walk on it, drain it with a sterile needle (just pass the needle briefly through a flame), treat the area with antiseptic and then just tape over it with medical tape. I'd recommend against Band-aids, as they don't stick all that well in the moist and sweaty environment of running shoes.

Taping hot spots BEFORE they become blisters avoids a lot of problems.

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Thank you for the idea. I will check into it tonight!

9/24/13 1:20 P

I would recommend that you get some moleskin. It is awesome and you can cut it to size. You can find it in the foot section of any drug store. emoticon

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I have a nasty blister on my heel. I bought some fabulous new shoes to exercise in, but I can't seem to get my blister healed up enough to take my shoes for a test drive. Any way to pad it or treat it so I can get back to walking? It's been over a week. UGH!

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