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I've been running for about a year, and I just recently got a Garmin with HRM. I was surprised at how high my heart rate gets when I run. My average HR during a run is typically between 145 and 155, and my high is between 165 and 175. (I like to charge up the few small "hills" in my neighborhood, and the highs correspond to those spots.) That's higher than I expected, but since I can carry on a conversation through most of that and don't feel like I'm struggling at all, I feel okay with it. FTR, I'm 43, 5'5", 129 lbs, and my resting HR is generally between 55 and 60.

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6/12/13 9:05 P

Trying to constantly adjust my speed to obtain a target heart rate is something that would drive me crazy. Although occasional checking can be beneficial, and understanding how your HR responds to a Long Slow Run, a tempo run and speed work can help your training.

HRM's have their benefits, but I wouldn't want to let it drive my decision-making.

Also, I try to keep my wits about me when I run - checking for traffic, uneven surfaces on the sidewalk, etc. Concentrating on trying to read an HRM would be take away a lot of the awareness of my running environment.

Also, HR target ranges are based on broad population averages, and like most averages, they are a good guide for about 1/3 of the population, somewhat useful for another 1/3, and less useful for the remaining 1/3. It is possible that HR driven training could leave you shortchanging yourself, even if you are in the 'target zone'.


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Don't worry about "zones" or anything. Most of us don't need to worry about heart rate zones unless we have specific medical conditions. I use heart rate only for tracking purposes, and don't worry about target heart rates.

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6/12/13 3:16 P

I've been running for the last 4 years but have just recently decided to go beyond the 10k mark. I'm greatly enjoying it and I'm sure will eventually run a marathon. Anyway, I've never used the heart rate monitor that came with my Forerunner 305 but going along with my new obsession with reading everything about running I can get my hands on I'm now interested in using it a few times just to see. What exactly am I looking for and do any of you run based on HR rather than speed? If it helps any I'm female, 37, 5'3", 142(about 15 more than I would like), and my resting HR is always right at 60.

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