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2/23/12 10:03 A

I found a good one on Amazon on clearance. So far it has helped me increase the pace of the cardio I can do, and scares me when I see how long it takes me to get back to my resting heart rate. Yikes.

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2/23/12 10:01 A

Heart rate monitors can help you get fit. You can measure your cardio fitness level with a HRM. They can also help you burn a minimum amount of calories. They can numerically tell you how hard are you working out, independently of how hard you think the workout is. So they are useful. Just go for a name brand, and make sure that you get one with a chest strap to be able to continuously monitor your heart rate.

Well, all the above information assumes that you are into fast paced cardio workouts. Some people only walk, and probably they cannot make much use of a HRM. Other people who only strength train with very little cardio (usually just to warm up and/or cool down) probably won't need a HRM either.

2/23/12 8:15 A

Absolutely! I love my HRM but it took awhile to get used to. One thing you will notice right away is that SP and exercise machines over estimate calories burned. With my HRM is gives me the most accurate calories burned. Because of this I've cut back on my calories consumed. Also due to my age I like to keep track of my heart rate during all exercise.

2/23/12 8:08 A

I just bought one yesterday and am debating if I should return it or not. Has a heart rate monitor benefitted anyone? Has it helped with weight loss? I am just looking to see if it was worth the investment. Thank you!

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