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I suppose it might be interesting if you want to see your heart rate during different activities as a self awareness exercise. I would not trust the calorie burn for the reasons mentioned already. At best heart rate monitors are estimating calorie burn for certain activities--not directly measuring it. They were designed specifically for use during aerobic exercise and it is assuming the change in heart rate comes from your exertion and supplying oxygen to your muscles. In lab studies they generally use oxygen consumption not heart rate to measure calorie burn and exertion (though maybe this is also an estimate?). Heart rate monitors are estimating your oxygen consumption based on heart rate and estimating your calorie burn from that. those same assumptions probably don't apply to non-exercise or even non-aerobic exercise. But if you just want to see what your heart rate is like throughout the day, why not.

I would trust an activity tracker that is designed for all-day activity over a hrm for general activity--just keep in mind they are also giving estimates based on whatever input they use. I use a fitbit which is based on movement only and it seems pretty accurate for me personally. There are others on the market that also use movement only. And there are a couple that use a mix of sensors: movement, body temperature, and perspiration. Note, they do not use heart rate for general activity.

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You could, but it wouldn't give you an accurate picture of the calories you're burning. HRMs have equations built into them so that you can track cardio... and if you're not doing cardio, those equations won't work.

If you'd like an all-day sort of thing, get a device designed for that purpose, like a FitBit (although personally, I have my doubts about their accuracy, many people love them and find them motivating.)

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HRMs were not designed to be worn all day. Many HRMs will only track calories burned when your heart rate is in a constant cardiovascular zone. They don't track calories while sitting at a desk or doing ST. If you want to know how many calories you burn all day, then you need something like the Body Bugg. That's the one they use on the Biggest Loser.

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I am fairly new to HRMs and fitness. I was thinking of wearing my HRM all day just to see what my usual calories burned might be. Has anyone ever tried this? Or is it not recommended?

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