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Heart Rate Monitor Accuracy

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Posts: 750
1/6/13 5:53 P

Maybe try this formula and see if it comes out close to what your HRM says?

(0.074 x age in years - 0.05741 x weight in pounds + 0.4472 x average heart rate - 20.4022) x time elapsed / 4.184

I have to use that because my HRM doesn't tell me calories burned. Poo.

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Posts: 402
1/6/13 4:59 P

To me that number looks a little high. What kind is it? Do you have your weight and height entered?

Posts: 216
1/6/13 2:19 P

This spark site said about 300. My treadmill said 485.

Posts: 54,088
1/6/13 2:10 P

How do those numbers compare with what the machine is telling you (if it gives you calories burned) or what our database says? It sounds a little high, but not completely outrageous.

Coach Jen

Posts: 216
1/6/13 12:39 P

Mine does not ask for resting HR, but I did input height, weight and age.

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Posts: 98
1/6/13 12:37 P

Your HR monitor should be more accurate than any website or even the peice of equipment you use, as long as you set it up correctly. I'm assuming it allows you to put in your stats (hieght, age, weight, resting HR, etc). If you did, then definitely use your HRM for calorie counting.

Posts: 216
1/6/13 12:22 P

I recently got a heart rate monitor (wrist with chest strap) and am wondering if I should believe the calories burned read?

Today, for example, I walked 48 minutes at a 5% incline on the treadmill at a 3.6 MPH speed. I am 5'6" and weigh 143 lbs. The HR monitor said I burned 545 cals and 29g fat. I spent 35 minutes at 70% of my max heart rate (fat burning zone), 6 minutes below that zone, and 6 minutes above that zone.

What are your thoughts of accuracy? Based on my height/weight, my monitor is reading out higher than any website calories burned page I've looked up.

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