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12/23/11 8:53 P

I'd agree that it's best to get it checked out by a doc, especially when you mention fuzzy vision and black spots.

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12/23/11 6:35 P

The fact that your heart rate increases so much fairly quickly that the issues that you've had in the past with your vision when your heart rate spikes might be a cause for concern. I think that you should go a step further and see a doctor and let them know what's going on. They can run some tests and give you a concrete answer that people on this message board won't be able to do.

In the meantime, I think you should lower the intensity of your workouts a bit and keep monitoring you heart rate when you're doing strenuous activities. It probably isn't anything too serious, but still something to get checked out.

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12/23/11 5:28 P

I suspect that your new gadget has got you "hyper focussed" on your heart rate. You might want to check in with your doctor, and you may be over-exercising a tiny bit (I don't know what your routine normally involves). But it seems to me you just have a sensitive HRM and you are paying it a lot of attention because it's new. So you're noticing EVERY. LITTLE. CHANGE. IN. RATE.

You could have circulation issues like blood pressure or a touch of anxiety constricting circulation. I've had, and known folks, who had similar experiences dealing with panic attacks.

I'm not a doctor or a certified fitness professional, so this is just another person's opinion!!

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12/23/11 3:52 P

I hope someone here can help ease my mind about my heart rate and its fluctuations.

I am a 27 year old female and am currently 194 lbs (and dropping!!). I have a pretty low resting heart rate - around 55-60 bpm - which from what I have read is a good thing. I exercise almost daily - lots of low impact cardio on the stairmaster, elliptical and stationary bike. According to the machines, my exercising heart rate is around 170-175. There is little that I can do to control this because I don't FEEL as though the workout is particularly strenuous. I sweat but it never feels as though my heart is racing until it gets over 180 at which point I lower the intensity of my workout. I thought that it might be the machines giving me bogus reads - I know for a fact that is sometimes the case.

This isn't the only issue though. People talk about being out of breath after climbing stairs and other such signs of poor endurance. I don't get out of breath. But I DO feel my heart start to pound even after climbing a short flight of stairs. I just tested this to confirm -- while i was sitting here typing, my heart rate was at 85 bpm. I walked upstairs (a very average flight and not too steep) and by the time I was at the top I was at 140 bpm. I am now sitting down again and back at 85. This all in the span of about a minute. Sometimes (not too often) when this happens, my vision goes fuzzy and I see black splotches.

I got a heart rate monitor as an early Christmas present and have been toying with it to see what happens to my heart rate during certain activities like the one above. When I am laying in bed late at night, my heart rate is 55. I stretch and roll over in bed -- it spikes to 100 bpm and I can feel my heart getting up and going.

Perhaps all of this is normal to be expected from daily movement. If that is the case I want to put my mind at ease. If it is NOT normal, I want to know if I should be keeping an eye on it and perhaps see a doctor.

Any advice you Sparks can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


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