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2/26/12 9:27 A

Not an expert :)

But my opinion is that a person's ideal weight is one that could be achieved by always eating an ideal diet. Many people are not interested in doing that so the "healthy weight"concept evolved. It's the "have your cake and eat it, too " weight where you can balance weight maintenance and indulgences in less than ideal food and lifestyle choices. Many find it makes maintaining their weight more sustainable though there is effort involved. It's a little higher than their ideal weight but not high enough to make one obese or likely to have health issues caused by their weight alone (though there is still the risk of health issues due to food choices, even portion controlled those less than ideal foods can clog and harden arteries, etc)

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2/26/12 9:13 A

A healthy weight to me is one I can achieve, I can move around and feel good at, and one I can maintain.

In short: about 15 lbs over what "the charts" say I should be! emoticon

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2/26/12 8:53 A

Healthy weight- my plastic surgeon spelt this out.. Make sure you don't go to low all "over plastic surgery" is expensive.. A healthy weight is not a struggle to keep, it doesn't have you eating 1200 to 1500 calories on maintenence unless you a couch potato.

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2/25/12 11:49 P

I think that healthy weight is a wider range, such as the "normal weight" range on the BMI scale. However, on the BMI scale, I can be "healthy" or "normal" according to the BMI scale anywhere between 132 and 174 pounds. That is a WIDE range. I am at 177 pounds right now, so just above my healthy BMI, and feel like I am close to a healthy weight. I can run 5 miles, have lots of energy and do whatever activity I feel like doing. However, I think for me, my ideal weight is arount 160 pounds. I was at that weight in my early 20's and know that I am fairly lean at that weight, while still carrying a lot of muscle. I would be much weaker at 150 pounds or less, and therefore it's not an ideal weight for me, though it technically might still be a healthy weight. I was as low as 142 pounds for a while in college, and there just wasn't much room for muscle at that weight.

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2/25/12 10:01 P

Healthy is custom tailored for the individual, ideal is an average value around some statistical data. One size does not fit all, so it is always good to see a professional to get a customized solution.

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2/25/12 12:21 P

Like you've read already, "ideal" is arbitrary. My ideal is not your ideal necessarily, even if we were the same height and had the same healthy weight. Ideal for models could be bone thin. Ideal for non-models could be to fit into an 8. Ideal is, ultimately, what you picture yourself as being if you could choose your body. It's a fun thought, but difficult to get to. Ideally, I'd be around 125. Healthy weight for me allows up to 138, which is where I am now. When I got to 131 last year, I had to struggle to stay there. I can only work out so much daily and therefore, my ideal weight is not realistic for me, so I've opted for healthy, 133-138 max. If I buy proper clothing, I can look good at my current weight and still be healthy. For a while there, I was 102 pounds. I was not healthy. At 5'5", it was underweight. My knees bruised when they hit each other. My face was drawn. I did not look good. I may have been able to wear a size 0, but that was useless if I felt like garbage. I'd much rather have stamina and energy and healthy glowing skin at 138 than what I looked like at 102.

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2/25/12 11:42 A

Your doctor can tell you if you are healthy at your current weight.

Everyone's body is different, and for a given height the "ideal weight" that a lot of websites give isn't so ideal for certain people. Smaller framed people might feel better and actually be healthier at a lower weight, larger framed people might look and feel sick at their listed "ideal" weight.

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2/25/12 9:09 A

An easy way to calculate your ideal body weight; if you are a woman, then start at 5 feet and 100 lbs. For every inch you are over that add 5 lbs. For example, if you are 5'4" then an ideal body weight would be calculated to be 120 lbs.

Give up everything you love, and everything that tastes good = weight loss! Simple as that!

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2/25/12 1:55 A

I think healthy can be just as personal as ideal. I think when we start worrying about what to call it, we have a little too much time on our hands.

My healthy weigh would be 164 according to a BMI calculator, my GNC scale from the mall that I used to weigh in on says my ideal weight would be 172.. I think somewhere around 180, I will feel ideal, and healthy. I call that my perfect Someone always has a different idea of what is good for you.

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2/25/12 12:26 A

"Ideal" is a pretty useless term for making decisions, really. Ideal is whatever you want it to be. If you ask 100 people what the "ideal" anything is, you'll get 110 different answers. What's the ideal temperature to keep your house at? What's the ideal color for a baby's nursery? What are the characteristics of an ideal boyfriend? Ask anybody a question with "ideal" in it, and 9 times out of 10, their answer will start with, "Well, MY ideal would be..." or, "Well, for ME, that would be..."

"Ideal" is a word you use to help people understand you and your own personality, likes, and dislikes.

"Healthy" is more empirical. You can measure it. Not everyone will use exactly the same criteria, but once you set the criteria, anyone can use them and get more or less the same answer. A good doctor (or any person with enough knowledge and training) can tell you what a healthy weight for you would be. Only you can name your "ideal" weight.

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2/24/12 11:02 P

My ideal size is whatever size that allows me to look good in a form fitting dress. It think that's going to be an 8/10/12 depending on the brand. I could be medically healthy staying where I am now 12/14 depending on the brand....all of my medical stats are normal, I feel healthy, wear my clothes well, and am able to be active.

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2/24/12 10:22 P

This topic makes me go crazy!

MY ideal weight is 95-98 pounds.

My doctor & therapist want me to weigh 110 pounds and not be at the bottom of healthy weight.

And the healthy range for my height/age is 101 - 132 lbs.

This site has a calculator for ideal weight (I don't know if it's accurate)

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2/24/12 9:20 P

There are no differences.

How could any weight that's not "healthy" be "ideal"?

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2/24/12 8:16 P

This is the same response I provided in another thread with this same similar topic:

When clients ask me what is an ideal weight...I ask them to reflect on a time in their adult life that they liked the way their clothes fit, could climb several flights of stairs with ease, could easily function with typical life demands of lifting, toting, carrying, moving things; and felt energized throughout the day...what was the weight at that time in your life??
while there are specific calculations that one can use to determine ideal weight...I think this is much more realistic and fits the "healthy weight" category.

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2/24/12 3:03 P

I would think talking to your doctor would be helpful cause there's a lot of ways to look at weight. BMI is a measure of weight, but isn't necessarily indicative of your health; I'm just barely within a normal range for my height, but I'm a runner and so my blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol are great. There's also what you think your ideal weight is. I'd love to be about 15 lbs lighter, but my body seems to sit pretty well within a 5 lb range of what I'm currently at. For me it's a combination of those.

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2/24/12 2:14 P

I need an expert opinion on the diferences please.

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