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LORIANNIE70 Posts: 79
11/1/12 10:02 P

I would like to try the Special K crispys. I also like your Bible verses too.

LORIANNIE70 Posts: 79
11/1/12 9:59 P

I wish I could snack on veggies and fruits. I try hard but usually don't. I do love to snack on dill pickles.

DENMARFARR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,170)
Posts: 90
11/1/12 8:03 P

What is hummus? I see it in the fridge everyday at my job, just wondering emoticon

NIKKIKERN12 Posts: 766
11/1/12 7:59 P

apples & peanut butter
rice cakes and lowfat cheese
hummus and veggies
greek yogurt

DREAMBUILDER227 SparkPoints: (135)
Fitness Minutes: (105)
Posts: 1
11/1/12 7:32 P

Light string cheese and an apple gives me protein and carbs to take away my hunger and give me some afternoon energy.

SHELASMM27 Posts: 159
11/1/12 12:22 P

All kinds of veggies with a little bit a hummus for extra flavor.

ILOST150POUNDS Posts: 1,662
11/1/12 11:38 A

In addition to most veggies, I find that air popped popcorn is a great filling under 100 calorie snack. I don't do morning snacks because they tend to make me eat more the rest of the day. I'm just strange like that!

OBURRELL Posts: 54
11/1/12 11:02 A

I just ate my snack: a medium banana. My afternoon snack will be a cup of sliced cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. I love to snack on fresh veggies or fruits. They are cheap, easy, and almost always filling and portable. I used to eat KIND bars for my afternoon snack but realized they were encouraging my cravings for sweets and they didn't fill me up as much as an apple so I have cut them out. Saves me money too.

NIDLENA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,777)
Posts: 600
11/1/12 10:15 A

WW minibars
Apple with a little bit of peanut butter
Cukes with greek yogurt and a little salt

BEECHKA Posts: 139
10/31/12 8:51 A

For an afternoon snack I love to have a handful of carrots, a couple pickles, and a piece of string cheese. It runs at about 100 calories and satisfies my crunchy, salty, savory cravings!

SSTATEN1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,142)
Posts: 5
10/31/12 8:30 A

I agree , K chip are horrible One they are to salty for me. I'll stick with Pirate booty for salty thing 65 calories 1/2oz bag. Right bite 100 calorie cholcolate chip cookies for sweet

THEBEACHSLAP SparkPoints: (3,974)
Fitness Minutes: (1,585)
Posts: 9
10/30/12 11:46 A

Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop! Butter flavor. Mini bags taken to work with me are my favorite this week. 100 calories and low fat.

DANYLJ Posts: 2,256
10/30/12 8:19 A

string cheese

AUSSIEFLOSS SparkPoints: (34,084)
Fitness Minutes: (26,637)
Posts: 1,600
10/30/12 1:45 A

Agree with the hummus. Laughing cow light cheese wedges satisfy a need for creamy dairy, at 35 cals.

SENIORSWIMMER SparkPoints: (20,177)
Fitness Minutes: (10,157)
Posts: 333
10/29/12 7:39 P

I like the green pepper and hummus idea. We are getting in the hummus habit. It's almost always in the fridge now. We like it with carrots, celery, and pita chips. Will have to try the green pepper. I think I have part of one left over in the crisper now....

10/29/12 6:42 P

I cut mini bell peppers in half so they are like scoops and eat them with a quarter cup of hummus. I have read that those two foods are a superfood group and burn more calories when eaten together. What I know for sure is that it is delicious, nutritious and filling!

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FANCYNANCY66 SparkPoints: (23,383)
Fitness Minutes: (23,617)
Posts: 141
10/29/12 6:00 P

.5 oz bag of Snyder's pretzels and a wedge of laughing cow cheese. Throw in a 4 oz serving of unsweetened applesauce. Total calories: 50 + 35 + 40 = 125 calories, hardly any fat, but good combo of carb and protein. You'll feel satisfied enough to do what you have to do if you have these on hand and throw the combo into your bag for after the gym or when on the road doing business and you need to eat but can't. I stockpile these and they are handy.

CARLA012 SparkPoints: (9,165)
Fitness Minutes: (50)
Posts: 4
10/29/12 5:45 P

A small pear cut into wedges, microwaved for about 30 seconds and then sprinkled with cinnamon, with a small dollop of Greek yogurt on top...swear it tastes just like hot pie goodness, and clocks in at just about 100-125 calories with some protein and calcium!

Fitness Minutes: (5,872)
Posts: 37
10/29/12 2:46 P

My favs:
hard boiled egg
light string cheese
jello instant chocolate pudding (sugar free) made with skim milk
lots of cereals (eaten plain or with a tad bit of skim milk)

BENTONJ Posts: 39
10/29/12 1:40 P

Eating a plum right now, and it's DELICIOUS! Just tracked the calories...only 30! WOW!

LMILTON67 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,998)
Posts: 573
10/29/12 10:53 A

Special K Pastry Crisps.....they have several flavors, but the chocolate and the brown sugar cinnamon are the best.

GRAFFIC0327 Posts: 12
10/29/12 10:31 A

Thanks for all of these ideas!

75NEVER2L8 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (145)
Posts: 12
10/29/12 12:27 A

frozen grapes

SKEEWEE2MEK SparkPoints: (33,820)
Fitness Minutes: (28,077)
Posts: 1,753
10/28/12 5:12 P

Apples or oranges. Quick and easy!

MARYJOANNA Posts: 5,926
10/28/12 3:52 P

There are 100 calorie packs of nuts, sugar-free ice cream bars, and raisin snack packs.

10/28/12 2:46 P

I agree about the protein... but it depends what you're craving.

Hard boiled egg with hot sauce
frozen grapes (they are actually pretty good)
veggies and hummus
apple slices (like 1/2 apple) and cheese

WILMA102 Posts: 1,479
10/28/12 11:11 A

I love fiber one too

SANDRAPSKI SparkPoints: (28,461)
Fitness Minutes: (32,502)
Posts: 86
10/28/12 11:11 A

low or no sugar popsicles (usually 50 to 60 cal each - some brands less)

fat free sugar free pudding mix made with skim milk (70 cal)

small banana cut into small slices drizzled with 1 teaspoon of Hershey's syrup

1/2 oz (approx. 7 - 8) tiny twist pretzels (55 cal)

6 oz of skim milk mixed with 1 tblsp of sugarfree syrup and heated (sugar free Chai, Hazelnut, or coconut are the current favorites ;-)

10/28/12 10:16 A

my current faves are turkey bites, lemon greek yogurt, or homemade granola bars

ANJ011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (765)
Posts: 26
10/28/12 10:00 A

I love Fiber one 90 cal. brownies for the sweet cravings- careful though,it fluffs you up

10/28/12 8:28 A

I smash up berries or grapes and freeze them. Wonderful sweet snack because the juices have burst and made each food even richer tasting.

10/28/12 8:13 A

Since I have a sweet tooth I go for the Weight Watchers mini bars.

WILMA102 Posts: 1,479
10/28/12 4:43 A

sounds like a good afternoon snack thats my hardest time the cheese might help cravings

WILMA102 Posts: 1,479
10/28/12 4:40 A

I tried air popped popcorn it helps when but hard to keep the salt on is spray marg.really ok to use it says no cals.

GRANDMABABA SparkPoints: (304,636)
Fitness Minutes: (171,153)
Posts: 10,629
10/28/12 12:51 A

A few triscuit thin crisps with hummus

CHELSEAAPINA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,960)
Posts: 25
10/28/12 12:47 A

I love Vita Tops Double Chocolate..just zap them in the microwave for 30 seconds and I swear they transform into molten lava cake!

EGRAMMY Posts: 13,491
10/27/12 7:38 P

I just tried the K cracker chips. well, not as good as potato chips

GETIT2GETHER SparkPoints: (35,282)
Fitness Minutes: (24,428)
Posts: 863
10/27/12 7:03 P

The Synder's Halloween size pretzels are 50 calories. A good treat.
Cups of unsweeten applesauce.
Packet of low sugar instant oatmeal.

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
Fitness Minutes: (210,762)
Posts: 4,388
10/27/12 7:32 A

Low sodium brown rice Rice Cakes.

ANJ011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (765)
Posts: 26
10/26/12 7:44 P

smoked salmon with crackers

10/26/12 10:47 A

Veggies and hummus!!

KATIEGARCIA2 SparkPoints: (37,651)
Fitness Minutes: (13,432)
Posts: 800
10/26/12 8:31 A

I love Dannon Fit and Light Greek Yogurt
80 cal
(that strawberry is YUMMY!)

BABYSTEPS84 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (18,356)
Posts: 1,458
10/26/12 12:32 A

small portion of mixed nuts or trail mix.
sargento reduced fat colby jack cheese, often paired with fruit

OJ_2_OK SparkPoints: (20,167)
Fitness Minutes: (13,837)
Posts: 1,374
10/25/12 9:07 P

String cheese

10/25/12 1:58 P

If I feel a craving coming on, I have a lg glass of water and try to wait 10 min. If that doesn't work I try one of these:

- 1/2 c. of frozen grapes
- 1/2 c. of baby carrots with 2 T. of hummus
- an med. sz. apple quartered and 1 T. of peanut butter spread on them.

I have to measure it out before hand so I don't overdo it.

SUSANK16 Posts: 2,635
10/25/12 6:48 A

Strawberries; watermelon; Chef Meg's parmesan zucchini

MICHELLE73101 Posts: 317
10/24/12 7:35 P

Homemade sweet potato chips! just thinly slice a small sweet potato and stick it in the broiler. yum!

POPSECRET SparkPoints: (82,506)
Fitness Minutes: (97,238)
Posts: 2,145
10/24/12 9:11 A

A few of my favorites:

*Hard boiled egg with generous amounts of your favorite hot sauce
*Hood Chive and Toasted Onion cottage cheese and a few crackers
*Green olives chopped up and mixed with a little light cream cheese, and spread into celery sticks
*air popped popcorn with a sprinkle of parmasean cheese (i use a little spray buttter to help the cheese stick)

JOYOUS_FIG Posts: 39
10/24/12 5:52 A

I love the pudding one, I have a major sweet tooth and sometimes fruit just doesn't fix it :)

10/24/12 1:58 A

papaya 55 calories a cup.

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