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1/10/13 12:22 P

I'm not a vegan, but I do like SmartDogs. It a veggie concoction that tastes pretty close to the real deal. The only thing missing is that delightful snap of the casing when you bite into them.

Kids may not even notice the difference, and I think they have 7 grams of protein or so.

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1/10/13 12:18 P

beyond organic sells them on line and they are organic and grass fed. My doctor swears by them.

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1/10/13 11:34 A

I agree that Nathan's or Hebrew National (although I'd avoid the fat free ones, gross) all beef will be your best bet. You might even call a butcher to see if they make their own hot dogs, those are more likely to have less preservatives and nitrates.

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1/10/13 6:34 A

Hebrew National 97% Fat Free hot dogs are pure fillers or by-products, no artificial flavors or colors...and they taste great....No trans or saturated fats....they have a variety...bun lenghth, jumbo and more...the best dog on the market as far as I know.....Check them out.

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1/9/13 10:49 P

I don't worry about these things, we eat hot dogs so rarely that the odd Nathan's hot dog is not going to hurt my kids. ;) You don't have to eat perfectly to be healthy! One meal on a special occasion does not a diet make.

However, there are options out there. A quick google search found this article with some good recommendations for you:

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1/9/13 8:21 P

We're planning a first birthday party for my adorable son. It'll be a BBQ, and of course we'll also have cake, and finger foods for kids (my son loves cheese, hummus, bagels, blueberries, bananas, etc.) But I'd love to be able to give him a hot dog too. Can anyone recommend a brand of hot dog that's relatively healthy -- not necessarily low fat (babies need fat) but low in preservatives, nitrates, etc? Also, we don't eat pork, so this would need to be either an all-beef or poultry hot dog. If it is low fat, I'd like to eat it myself too -- I don't need preservatives or nitrates in my diet either!

Thanks in advance!

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