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12/1/12 11:10 A

thank you everyone!

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12/1/12 3:53 A

lots of things if you look down on the supermarket shelves. that's where they put the cheaper stuff

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12/1/12 3:27 A

We have 99 cent stores near us in California and I'm able to purchase lots of items, but incase you don't have them in your are how about a food maxx or food 4 less grocery store. Smart and Final grocery

Brown Rice$1
bag of potatoes$1 - $2
wheat bread sara lee brand $2.50 purchased today
Oatmeal $1- $2
6 bananas $2
small bag of dry pinto bean $1
whole chicken $3-$5
ground turkey 20 ounces $4.79
Gallon milk $3.49
bag of apples $2.99
avocados 4 for $2
large eggs dozen $1.99
frozen bag of vegetables $1 - $2
Can corn 2 $1.00
bag of frozen shrimp $5.99 - $9.99
Fresh catfish large about $10.00
Canned tune 2 for a $1 on sale

These are some of my purchases on a weekly basis depends if the 99 cent store have them or the regular grocery store have them on sale, I can even get a dozen medium eggs for a dollar on sale at times, it just depends if the 99 cent stor have them and grocery store sales fluctuate and it helps to not be loyal to just one store. Because even retailers like Target, Kmart sale some food items. Don't give up you can eat for reasonable, most things are non perishable except for the fresh items and can last from week to week if not longer.

Keep up the good and healthy eating.

LALA_1012 Posts: 1,364
11/30/12 11:50 P


BLUBEL1 Posts: 1,003
11/30/12 11:36 P

I agree with beans
Raw veggies in season, same with fresh fruits
Stay to the qutside aisles of the grocery where the non processed foods are
Go to the cheapest grocery in your area
Buy generic
Rice to go with the beans

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
11/30/12 7:33 P


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11/30/12 7:24 P

Thanks for posting this! I'm on a pretty tight budget, myself, and I need all the help I can get. lol

SARAHF1988 Posts: 603
11/30/12 6:40 P

always check out what is on offer - I've realised that instead of heading straight for the same foods and brands all the time my money goes so much further when I go shopping with an open mind. If I see something that's on offer and it looks good I'll pick it up - and stock up if these items can be frozen. For example I picked up 2 large chicken breasts wrapped in 1 piece of bacon and a little cheese on top for less money than 2 small "value" chicken breasts - all because they were on offer. Plus it came with the bacon and cheese and was ready to just throw into the oven. It's all about having a balanced diet rather than eating nothing but fruit, make sure you pick a little of everything up - there's always offers to be had on every department in store - fruit, veg, soup, fresh meat... it's worth taking a little longer to look

DOLLIE6 Posts: 2,845
11/30/12 5:56 P

You can eat as much organic as you can and lots of beans, brown rice and frozen vegetables.
I have found out when you cut out the junk you have more money for vegetables and fruit.
You can do it. Don't forget lots of spices to make even beans taste better.

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11/30/12 5:26 P

Thank you so much!

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11/30/12 4:43 P

You're in luck ! The Spark Recipes section has a TON of great recipes for beans !! The Spark Recipes section has an amazing selection of different recipes posted by Chef Meg as well as many many members.

This just page one of ten pages of possible recipes you can try that include beans.

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11/30/12 4:15 P

Thank you! Do you have any ways i could eat beans and all the other ingredients. I'm new to this and i can't find no recipe's

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11/30/12 4:01 P

There are lots of ways to eat healthy on a budget. One thing you might do is read this Spark article. You don't have to break the bank to eat healthy.

Here are a couple of pieces of advice. When it comes to shopping for fresh fruit and veggies, buy what is in season and on sale. If you can't afford fresh, then try frozen. Frozen veggies are just as nutritious as fresh ones. Frozen spinach, broccoli, kale, corn, peas, blueberries, etc are all reasonably priced. Buy the "house" brand unless a brand name is on sale.

Beans, eat more beans. They are high in fiber and protein. Beans are extremely versatile.

While it's nice to eat organic, there's nothing wrong with eating conventional foods if you're on a budget. I buy store brands all the time to save. When certain items are on sale, I stock up.

ASHLEIGH0122 SparkPoints: (661)
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11/30/12 3:50 P

Hi I'm on a tight budget and I'm looking for healthy foods for this weeks groceries list. Can anyone give me a list of foods or anything? Thank you!

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