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2/18/13 8:54 P

I appreciate everyones comments they were all helpful and gave me good ideas! And sorry i didn't mean that foods are gender specific i just meant i am looking for more filling recipes. Thanks!

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
2/18/13 4:31 P

The problem is, if you're not careful it can all end up in a power struggle with him feeling like you're "trying to control what he eats!!!" A good way around that is to let him make decisions. Find a cookbook, cooking magazine, or recipe website with a huge variety of healthy recipes, and ask HIM to choose three or four that you will make. (Invite him to cook with you, of course!) If he does the choosing, you won't feel insulted if he doesn't like it, and he won't blame you. If you think you're going to get resistance, be sure to present it as you trying to learn to cook things he'll like, not as him needing to eat better.

Older issues of Cooking Light magazine or their annual cookbooks are a great source for this. They used to have really fabulous photos of their recipes that would make anyone want to try the stuff. They changed their format about 3 years ago and it's not as attractive, IMO, but it's easy to find old ones at yard sales and secondhand stores, or even some libraries.

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2/18/13 3:01 P

He doesn't eat that way because he's male, he eats that way because that is what he likes to eat! Plenty of men enjoy eating healthy foods.

Why don't you try making healthy versions of his favorite foods, like a homemade thin-crust pizza topped with veggies and meats? If he eats more than you do, just make more, and include a big salad or vegetable side to fill up on.

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2/18/13 2:22 P

My SO isn't a big guy, but he can eat A LOT. So often I will make recipes that make 4 servings or more. After it's done, I portion out mine to eat for dinner, and also a portion for my next day's lunch. After I do that, my SO gets the rest all to himself, for as much as he wants to eat. I do a lot of heartier dinners like pastas (that still fit into my plan of course), stuffed chicken, pork chops, etc. I buy meat in bulk, but things like chicken breasts and pork chops come in different sizes, so when I'm portioning the meat out to freeze, I'll put a smaller one in for me, and a bigger one in for him. Also sometimes I'll cut the chicken breasts in half lengthwise so they are thinner, and I'll just eat one half, whereas he'll eat two. Smaller 1.25-1.5lb pork tenderloins are great, because I can eat a 5-6 oz portion and the rest is for him. He consumes more calories than I do by doing it this way, but the food in general is healthier for him... a lot better than eating pizza, hamburger helper, and fast food (which is what he ate before I showed up).

You can click on the link below in my signature to look at my Pinterest page of recipes I've made that we've both liked. You click on the picture twice to get to the actual recipe (if you aren't familiar with using Pinterest).

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2/18/13 2:18 P

there's absolutely nothing that a woman can eat that a man can't eat. Just make what you would normally make for yourself, slightly more than twice as much (at his size, he'll probably need to eat more than you but not twice as much).

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2/18/13 12:23 P

I didn't know recipes were gender specific. A six ounce cut of sirloin is low in calories. Try pasta with tomato sauce and turkey sausage. Sparkrecipes has a wonderful recipe for crockpot chicken taco stew. Split pea soup is high in veggies and fiber.

Why don't you try finding new recipes as a couple? Then he may be more inclined to eat healthier when you are not around.

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2/18/13 12:19 P

So the last time i visited my boyfriend (he lives in another state) I completely went off my diet. That means donuts,pizza,friend chicken,french fries..etc everyday for a week. I came back and am back to eating healthy but it makes me nervous to visit again so he told me he would attempt to eat healthy, which im really excited about. He has a history of heart problems in his family and that worrys me..especially since hes such a big guy (6'4, 220 lbs) I just want to show him that he can eat healthy filling food because a normal lunch to him would consist of a large glass of pop followed by a whole pizza followed by another glass of pop. You see why it was hard for me to stay on my diet?

Q: Does anybody have any healthy filling recipes i can make for him? I need to get a grocery list together and start planning.


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