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Since this is a new eating style for you---you need to learn cooking techniques and gather vegetarian recipes. You can check out the vegetarian recipes here at Sparkpeople. Also, go to your local library and check out vegetarian cookbooks and magazines for more ideas. While the others have given you great ideas on non-meat protein sources---you need to learn ways to use these in your diet.

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Nuts and seeds are another good option for you. They have PLENTY of calories, but are high in fat, although it's the GOOD FAT, that we all need.

Also, they are something that is very portable and if you're not hungry, a handful of nuts (usually 1 ounce is a serving) will give you both protein and healthy fat, as well as fiber.

And there are so many varieties.

Good luck!

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Hiya! No meat means vegetarian, essentially, so you'll want to look up information on how to eat vegetarian healthfully. It's not that hard (if you keep in eggs and dairy), but it does need to be more than just fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables, as wonderful as they are, do not have sufficient calories, fat or protein, nor enough of many micronutrients, to make up a complete diet on their own. Generally, vegetarians will eat a lot of grains (bread, rice, pasta, but also other things) and legumes (lentils, beans, etc), in addition to the eggs and dairy, in order to get enough of everything.

I'm not a vegetarian myself, but eat that way often; a typical day for me (leaving out the fruits and vegetables you're eating already) might include cereal for breakfast, an egg salad sandwich for lunch, and a lentil stew served over rice for dinner -- plus perhaps yogurt for one snack and hummus (made from chickpeas, a legume) as part of another.

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Need help with ways for me to have a meat-free diet and still get enough calories. All suggestions are appreciated. When eating meat, I feel as if I get more digestive issues. I've been eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables throughout the day. One of my issues is my appetite. Sometimes I am not really hungry. I will notice that I haven't eaten for I'll eat. Then there's times that I am very hungry. I will eat fruits and vegetables, but that won't satisfy my hunger. That's when I'll end up eating meat dishes. I guess I need help managing my diet. How do I get enough calories without eating meat?

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