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5/21/13 2:18 P

WOO HOO! Way to go! That is awesome, keep up the great work!

I gave up soda in sixth grade and haven't purposefully had it since. My science teacher showed us a video about what it does to your insides. We also put a bunch of objects in coke overnight and watched what it did to them. Well, that was all it took to scare me straight. (Check out youtube, I believe there are several similar videos out there!)

If you consider Coke a "trigger" food/drink, I wouldn't go back to it. Chances are if you had that Coke now after drinking so much lemon water, you wouldn't like the taste AT ALL. Your tongue, believe it or not, probably would be overblown by the sugar.

You can do it girlfriend!!

KLAROCHE1515 Posts: 361
5/20/13 8:55 P

Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful responses. I drink a lo of water with lemon. I have tried other flavorings but the lemon juice just seems better to me. I have always like lemons.
I am really ok with this too. 0.4 lbs down this week. Yeah! Whatever I am doing is working.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
5/20/13 8:41 A

Good for you!!!! I love coke too but do indulge about once every 3 or 4 months. I have been drinking Lipton Green Tea with citrus, diet with no calories. It's very tasty and a change of pace from just water.

HEAT04 Posts: 116
5/20/13 8:04 A

Only 2 cheeseburgers in 5 months seems like control to me. If we do fast food, I normally just get chicken or a salad. I don't restrict myself completely because that won't work for me.

Maybe change up the water and put something sweeter in it instead of lemon?

KLAROCHE1515 Posts: 361
5/19/13 11:17 P

Thanks for you response. It is nice to now someone else is going through the same thing. I am proud of myself that I am resisting. There are time whenI think, Well just one sip" but I don't give into the urge. I was able to go 5 months without McDonald's and I was proud of that too but then I had 2 cheeseburgers and I was so frustrated with myself for lack of control. And now I am trying to go another long stretch. Having to start over is not fun but I think it is a life change that I need to do.

LDHAWKE SparkPoints: (19,069)
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5/19/13 6:04 A

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so proud of your success with staying away from drinking coca cola. What an awesome accomplishment! You should be so very proud of yourself.

I can totally relate to your cravings. I quit smoking. It's been 5 months now and I'm doing very well. But every now and then, I get the urge to pick a cig up and take a puff. I have been able to overcome the urge and I must say that I am proud of myself for doing it. I also recently gave up drinking diet soda. I have replaced it with flavored water. Honestly, I no longer have the craving for diet soda and I have been drinking it for years!

You can (and did!) do it too! Keep up the great work!

PENAM87 Posts: 46
5/19/13 12:57 A

Congrats! I too quit soda (diet coke/coke zero) although I actually didn't realize it lol! I have to thank winter for that! Now that its getting warmer, I promised myself to keep avoiding soda and so far it's going well. Yes I do get cravings here and there but then I think...I have to put on decent clothing so I don't look like a homeless person in public, go down 3 flights of stairs, get in my car, risk losing my parking spot that took me 30mins to find the day prior, drive to the grocery store, possibly wait in line for 10-15 just to buy it, then drive back home, spend another 15-30 mins looking for a parking spot, go up 3 flights of stairs, all of this just to fill a craving!...motivation enough to just sip on some water! One trick I do like is to buy seltzer water and throw in a splash of 100% fruit juice or crystal light, usually does the trick!

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FLAMEGLIMMER SparkPoints: (48,062)
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5/19/13 12:19 A

I love Coke. I miss it. Carbonated drinks make me feel uncomfortable bloated these days- but I still crave them.

VINNYPRINCE SparkPoints: (1,705)
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5/18/13 9:44 P


I like Coca cola too, (at least compared to Pepsi!) but unlike you it isn't one of the things that I get in trouble with.

I've heard lots of stories of folks who cut out just soft drinks, or just beer, and have had lots of success with weight loss.

Looks like it's working for you.

Stay strong, and like you said, if you're still craving and missing it, better to just keep it out of sight!

Good luck!

LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (83,754)
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5/18/13 9:24 P

emoticon emoticon

Congrats on achieving this milestone!! Five months is a long time so you have done really well. I'm curious though...why so much water?? That's a LOT of fluid....even more than the Coke you used to drink?!!

KLAROCHE1515 Posts: 361
5/18/13 8:53 P

I am a coke-a-holic. 4 to 5 cokes (20oz) a day. When I started my lifechange, I quit drinking cokes. I have been 5 months now without one coke. The one thing that saved me was lemon jiuce in the bottle. I now drink 4\5 32 oz. Containers of lemon water a day. I am afraid to have a coke now because it is an addiction and I know that I will undo everything that I have done so far. So, it is easier to just stay away from it. Not to say that Idont miss it. I do every day.

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